20 Tips for Selling OOH

20 Tips for Selling OOH Billbaords

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Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or new to the industry, mastering the art of selling OOH can significantly impact your success. In this article, we will discuss 20 valuable tips to enhance your OOH sales strategies and maximize your revenue potential. Click on the links in each tip to discover more about each sales tip.

1. Create 3-5 pieces of sample billboard art (spec art) for the potential advertiser.

2. Research: What billboard locations would most benefit the client?

3. Provide location options for them to choose from.

4. Show the advertiser options: static/digital/location options.

5. Have a list of things the potential advertiser could be promoting on billboards.

6. Ask questions: What problems can you help them solve?

7. Pricing: Give them different pricing tiers based # of months advertised.

8. Don’t say “Contract” as it has a negative connotation. Use Agreement. See more sales words.

9. Show examples of your best work. IE: Case studies, great ads, etc.

10. Show the potential advertiser photos of your billboard locations.

11. Leave behind collateral with the client. Rate sheets, photos, etc.

12. Show the potential advertiser OOH stats, benefits, etc.

13. Don’t forget to follow up with your potential advertisers/leads.

14. If the client is using online advertising, explain the benefits of pairing it with OOH.

15. Be open, honest, and empathetic to your advertiser’s needs and pain points.

16. Show the potential advertiser testimonials and provide references.

17. Don’t sell them your billboards… instead, help them solve their problem.

18. Ask for referrals, do they know any businesses that need advertising?

19. Look for businesses that are already spending money on other forms of advertising.

20. Know the worth of OOH advertising so you can clearly justify the cost.

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