The Team

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Meet the Team


Dave Roland

Dave wasn’t always in the advertising business, but he showed signs of entrepreneurship and creativity from an early age. From the first lawn he mowed for 50 cents at age nine to his first career move as an engineer. Ever since graduating from Tennessee Tech, he’s been on the move in the advertising business world. Dave has been in the sign business since 1984 and currently owns and manages Roland Digital Media, a thriving billboard and advertising company with 350+ sign faces in Middle Tennessee.

Shane Hutton

With a graphic design degree and 20 years of design experience, Shane turns ideas into reality. He started his career at a sign and design shop and currently works at Roland Digital Media as a Creative Director. He has been designing billboards for 10 years and knows what it takes to make effective ads. He has created several software projects including InstaLogo for mobile. Tasty Ad was created to fill a need in the industry where digital billboard content needed to be created quickly yet still be very effective for advertisers.

Tiffany Hutton

Tiffany assists with customer service, tech support and client relations. She has been working with people in different related industries for years. She helps with design and is also our marketing and social media manager. If you have a question, comment, need help uploading a photo or tweaking your logo, she is excited to help you.

Miguel Quintanilla

Miguel is an expert in creating eye-catching and effective designs. For over two decades he has worked with five full service advertising agencies on campaigns for national and international clients, as well as for local mom-and-pops. He has won several Addy Awards for his work. His expertise in Photoshop (his favorite design software) earned him the nickname “Yoda of Photoshop” amongst his colleagues. He plays the piano, likes to do pencil drawings, and play board games with the family.

MollyGoldendoodleMolly Goldendoodle

Molly is our director of recreation. She enjoys distracting us from our work to play fetch around the office. She also enjoys napping and barking at the mailman. She brings companionship to the Tasty Ad team and we couldn’t do it without her.

Our Beliefs

Core Values

1) Accountability, Responsibility & Integrity. We demonstrate proactive customer service, communicate fearlessly to build trust and treat customers the way we’d like to be treated. 
2) Encourage innovation through simplicity and constant improvement. 
3) We are one team. We empower, energize and inspire individuals and companies.  
4) Passion with personality. We dare to be different. 

Mission Statement 

To provide innovative tools and resources to the out of home advertising industry through quality innovation that empowers and inspires.