Terrible Billboard Photos Are Costing You More Than You Think

Bad Billboard Photos

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No matter what you’re selling, having great photos of the item will help your sales greatly.

An IRCE (committee on e-commerce sales) report, showed top online retailers say the most important feature that draws more sales when shopping online is the quality of the product images… followed by showing alternative views of the product. This translates to out of home as well. If a potential advertiser is looking for billboard locations on your website, social media, or a spec sheet you’ve dropped off at their office, they expect to see top-quality photos of your billboard.

Imagine you were browsing Facebook marketplace or Amazon for a pre-owned iPad. You see multiple options before you, all competing for your attention. If one of those listing had only one image of the iPad and it was low resolution, out-of-focus, or just bad in general, you wouldn’t even consider it. You skip right over it, even though it may be a great device at a reasonable price.

If your billboard photos are important, then where your billboard photos are being looked at is equally as important. This is why SignBird offers our website design service to compliment our photography/videography services. SignBird makes an excellent partner to your billboard company because we will travel to your market, produce professional photos and videos of your inventory, then build your company a great looking website to go along with it. Your future advertisers will love SignBird!
You can reach SignBird directly at signbird.io or call John at 256-509-9730.”

Good VS Bad Billboard Photo

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