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Social Media Advertising and Billboards OOH Sales

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While scrolling through our social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, etc., we may find local and regional businesses advertising. It’s pretty easy for them to do so when companies like Facebook conveniently put a “Boost this post” button on all of their organic posts. Thus allowing them to make a few clicks to start advertising online. Maybe we search for a local business online, only to find they have purchased PPC ads with google. Don’t look at these online ads with an attitude of “These advertisers are spending money online, so they won’t want to buy billboards”. Instead, see it as an opportunity to share with them what out of home can do for their business. Especially, when paired with social or online ads.

Have a plan or blueprint for your sales process when you find online/social ads of a business that can benefit from OOH

Research is key. Take note of their online ads so you know what the advertiser is trying to accomplish.

Create a few pieces of billboard spec art based on their social media ads.

Share with them the benefits of pairing OOH with online/social advertising.

Help them understand the difference in advertising media. (Free flyer)

The benefits of pairing OOH with online/social advertising

(Free download)

Online Study Infographic

Good luck and happy selling!
-The Tasty Ad Team

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