Leveraging Billboard Locations to Make More Sales

Leveraging Billboard Locations to Make Sales

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In real estate they say Location! Location! Location! The same can be said when a local advertiser is looking for a billboard to promote their business. Many local businesses that advertise on billboards are looking for one thing… foot traffic. This being said, your billboard locations, wherever they may be, have a pre-determined list of businesses that this strategy will work well for. Most account executives already know this, but there are several sales strategies that can help you connect the locations to the advertisers more effectively, thus making more sales.

Types of local businesses that benefit from directional billboards:

Hotels • Gas Stations • Coffee Shops • Urgent Care • Auto Sales/Repair • Restaurants • Museums • Entertainment • Banks • Events • Furniture Stores

For starters, it’s a good idea to have your billboard locations marked on interactive map systems like Google Maps.

As the example image below shows, we have an interstate billboard with a right-hand read, catching northbound traffic.

Billboard Locations Map

For this location, we would target businesses directly off of the nearest exits from the billboard. Any business located on Shelby Ave. that matches a business category in the list from above would be a prime candidate. Make a list of potential businesses for each billboard location you are trying to sell like the example below.

Billboard Location and Advertisers List

Before contacting potential advertisers, do some research.

First and foremost, prepare some spec art for each potential advertiser with directional information on the ads. This will show them how close your billboard is to their location.

The spec art should be ads that would compel a driver to visit the advertiser’s location.

Have maps prepared which show the billboard location and their business location.

As with any sales process, use a CRM to keep up with the connections between you and your potential advertisers.

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