Mini billboards… Huge impact

Small town billboard

Mini billboards are an excellent tool for both billboard companies and their advertiser. They are a trophy piece, a prize possession for advertisers to display in their storefronts, offices and lobbies. Our strategy is to give one to every new client (provided they are not just a short term advertiser). Other customers choose to purchase them for a minimal fee. It’s a win-win for both the advertiser and the billboard company. If you choose to have your company logo placed on the mini billboard (as we recommend), then your logo will be displayed in many advertisers businesses all over town.

Here is a step by step scenario of how mini billboards can be utilized:

  1. You sell a billboard to a new client (digital, static or trivision).
  2. Upon approval of the billboard ad (artwork) the ad is printed on your office printer and the mini is assembled. Your company logo is added to the imprint area.
  3. At this point usually the salesman will deliver the mini billboard to the client as a gift. We do this as a surprise usually, because who doesn’t love a surprise gift!
  4. The advertiser, thankful and proud of his new show piece, prominently displays it in their storefront for all their customers to see, or on their desk for them to see everyday.

Another option where mini billboards can make a big impact is when making a sale. If there is a larger client you are trying to sell, go ahead and make them a mini billboard with their logo on it. Bring it by their office one day, with some spec art created by Tasty Ad of course, and show them how much you are going above and beyond for their business.

Where can you get mini billboards? Contact us today and we will share with you the best places/prices available.

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