Color Theory: a fool proof way to select ad colors

color theory

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Color selection is a vital part of the ad creation process. Aside from your message, it’s the second most important piece. Choosing the right colors can greatly affect your ads impact on the viewer, and choosing the wrong colors can turn them away. Color plays a huge role in the human psyche. It can make us feel relaxed, energized, confident, bored, etc. Using only three to four colors per ad is recommended. The most popular advertising colors are red, blue, black, green, and yellow. Colors can also express emotions and mood, but can manage them too. Colder colors (blues and greens) relate a feeling of comfort while warmer colors (reds and yellow) are active.

Colors that go well together are:

Black and Yellow

Red and Black

Red, White, Blue

Blue and Yellow

Red, Yellow, Black

Neon Green, Black

Bright Pink, Black

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