Powerful words to include (& exclude) from your OOH sales vocabulary

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Sales, in out of home or in any industry, is all about several factors: emotion, relationships, solving the prospect’s problem, trust, and scarcity. The words and phrases we say to our prospects either build up or break down these factors.

What are the best power words when it comes to sales?

One of the biggest power words in sales is YOU. The prospect needs to be the center of attention. Make them the subject when talking about how your billboards can solve your advertiser’s sales problems. It’s also a good idea to use their name whenever you can.

Another common power word in sales is BECAUSE. Because gives the potential customer a reason to buy your billboards or ad space.

When it comes to price, words like VALUE and FREE have been shown to be beneficial when engaging with a prospect. Everyone wants the best deal and if you can throw in something free, even if it’s free ad design, they will feel they are getting a bargain.

RESULTS & BENEFITS. It’s important to show that your billboards will solve the advertiser’s problem. They want more business, they need foot traffic, etc. Talk about the results and benefits, not just the product.

Your billboards are not like any other advertising. Therefore, use words like UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE so the advertiser knows how special they are.

Alternatives to words with negative connotations:

“The back side of the billboard” – instead say “The north facing side” or whatever direction it is.

“Contract” – instead say “Agreement”

“Deal” – instead say “Opportunity”

“Problem” – instead say “Challenge”

“Appointment” – instead say “Visit”

“Sign” – instead say “Endorse”


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