When Your Advertiser Says: I’m Not Getting Any Leads From My Billboard

Billboard Advertiser Not Getting Leads Results What to Do

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Your advertisers want one thing from their billboard campaigns. Results. However, depending on a number of factors, some of which are out of our control, they may not be getting any calls, leads, etc. This is something that happens to all out of home advertising businesses. It’s inevitable. Having a plan or process in place for when this happens can save the advertiser from canceling and keep both sides of the business relationship healthy and happy.

Here are the top reasons why your advertiser might not be getting any results and what to do:

The Billboard Art or Creative is Bad

Did the advertiser submit their own artwork? Are there too many words? Is it hard to understand? Is there not a clear call to action?


Without criticizing the customer’s artwork too much, as they may have designed it themselves and loved it, explain how it may not be effective enough for billboard advertising. Offer to create a few effective billboard ad examples that may yield better results.

Advertiser Provides Low Demand Products/Services

If the advertiser is in a specialized industry or niche, the demand for their products or services may be low. This may result in the advertiser not getting any results right away. Especially, if the billboard has a low traffic count. This doesn’t mean billboards won’t work for their business.


Explain to the advertiser how billboards are great for brand awareness. The people seeing your ad may not need your services now, but with the right creative, the advertiser’s business will remain top-of-mind, and when they (or their family or friends) do need your services, they will remember you.

The Billboard Location Doesn’t Target the Correct Audience

If the advertiser is selling a local product or service that is geared towards the local community, and they are advertising on the interstate, they may not get the results they expect. If the advertiser is an investment firm, and the billboard location is in a lower-income area, they may not get the results they expect. Consider your advertiser’s product/service and the demographics of the billboard they are advertising on, is it a good fit?


Offer to relocate the advertiser’s billboard to a more appropriate part of town.


It’s important to provide great customer service. Be empathetic with the customer. Understand their wants and needs and provide a solution accordingly. Being responsive and attentive will help ensure a long-lasting business relationship.

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