Tired of Getting BAD Billboard Ads? This can help.

Bad Billboard Ads Billboard Design Guidebook

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As a billboard owner or account executive, you’ve seen your share of bad billboard ads. Oftentimes, when your advertiser or agency is preparing their creative, they are simply designing their ad without having any direction to prepare their art for billboards. Designing it as they would any other print ad, online ad, business card, etc.

We all know for your advertiser to get the most out of their billboard, which will in turn lead to a higher chance of renewal, they need to follow a few specific billboard rules.

We put these rules in an easy-to-follow guidebook that can be emailed or printed. The guidebook can be customized with your OOH company logo, branding, and billboard sizes.

See some example pages of the guidebook below:


Creating Billboards That Sell - Pages 1


Creating Billboards That Sell - Pages 1B

This custom billboard design guidebook is available at BillboardStuff.com

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