5 Tips to Help Advertiser Renewals

Billboard Renewal Rates Increase

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In OOH and billboard advertising (and any other media for that matter), it’s much more cost-effective to keep a current client than to find a new one. Therefore, keeping your current clients happy should be a very high priority of your sales team. Let’s look at 5 tips to keeping your current advertisers happy so they are more likely to renew when their agreement expires.


Make sure they have good billboard art. Right out of the gate, if the advertiser puts a terrible ad up, you can expect they will not get a good return from it. Therefore, they will likely not renew the billboard when it is due.


If the client is digital, make sure you are reminding them to put up new art every month. There’s nothing more wasteful than a digital billboard advertiser running the same stale ad month after month. Have the designer/art department send out monthly reminders.


Give them something… If they just signed up, print a mini-billboard for their desk or lobby with their beautiful new ad on it. Clients love these, and giving them a gift shows you care. If they are a static or trivision customer, offer a free reprint if they renew. Do some research and see what they could advertise that would be beneficial to their business.


Once you’ve made the sale, it’s important to keep tabs on your advertiser by checking in at least every month or two to see how things are going and if they need anything. Keep the relationship you’ve worked so hard to establish to get that sale healthy and alive. Showing you care about their advertising campaign and their business goals is something that will stick with them in the long run


Upon renewal, give the advertiser plenty of time to respond. Follow up 3-4 weeks before they are due for renewal so they don’t feel pressured into making a decision.


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