Simple Practices When Designing a Billboard Ad

Simple Practices when Designing a Billboard Ad

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Creating successful billboard ads is really not that hard if you follow some simple guidelines. The ads purpose is to inform the reader in an interesting, but short descriptive way. When making the ad stick to the subject or object it is focusing on. One message. If the ad has a picture, make sure it focuses on the message you are trying to get across. Remember that the motorist only has a few seconds to view and understand your message. Use contrasting colors. The last thing you want is the reader struggling to read the copy. The headline should be seven words or less. Shorter is better. Bolder print helps to catch the eye, and make sure it is a legible font.  Keep these simple practices in mind when designing a billboard ad: contrast, image, headline and contact information.


• No lights on mediums
• No mediums on darks
• No mediums on lights
• No darks on mediums

But certain exceptions apply;
(Yellow on red or blue. Red on black if it’s a digital board, etc.)


• Not busy – Easy to tell what it is
• Adjust brightness if needed
• Adjust saturation if needed


• 7 words or less
• Large bold type
• Easy to read

Contact Info:

• Street name only
• No area codes if possible
• No www.
• Caps on web address (BobsTires.com)
• 1-2 items max

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Check our our “Creating Successful Billboards” custom guidebook to give something to your customers to follow.

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