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WILMINGTON, Delaware – Carvertise, Inc., America’s leading rideshare-based transit advertising company, today announced the launch of a strategic partnership with StreetMetrics, the leading out-of-home measurement and data analytics firm. This partnership will give agencies and marketers the ability to better measure the ROI on their targeted rideshare advertising campaigns; a big step forward for bringing more transparency and performance accountability to the out-of-home industry.

StreetMetrics bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds by enabling marketers to effectively measure digital activation from moving out-of-home (MOOH) campaigns. The StreetMetrics technology tracks the route data from the Carvertise vehicles, and then compares it against user location data from the mobile devices in proximity to the vehicle.  With these detected mobile device ID’s, Carvertise can then extend the reach and frequency of their clients messaging through mobile and online retargeting. Return on ad spend can also be measured by identifying how many unique device IDs that were exposed to the car, and ended up visiting the client’s website or store.

“Our partnership with Carvertise further validates the need for third-party measurement and analytics across out-of-home advertising at large,” said Drew Jackson, Founder & CEO of StreetMetrics. “Carvertise has long been the preeminent provider of rideshare advertising, so partnering with them is very exciting for us. We look forward to being able to provide measurable attribution insights to them and their clients.”

“We’ve always stood behind the measured effectiveness of our campaigns, and this partnership with StreetMetrics allows us to further showcase the benefits of MOOH to both hyperlocal and national advertisers,” said Jim Fischer, VP of Sales at Carvertise. “In an environment that is incredibly focused on measuring the output of every advertising dollar, this partnership enables our clients to adjust or supplement their campaigns on the fly to meet their strategic objectives in ways never before possible.”

About Carvertise:

Carvertise is America’s Largest Rideshare Advertising Company on a mission to revolutionize the way brands communicate with consumers outdoors. Leveraging a network of 550,000 registered drivers, Carvertise is running wrapped-car ad campaigns around the country for clients including Netflix, 7-Eleven, EA Sports, NASCAR, and GlaxoSmithKline. Geo-targeted, highly memorable, with a heavy emphasis on analytics, Carvertise is proudly spearheading the future of transit advertising. For more information, please visit Carvertise.com.

About StreetMetrics:

Founded in 2016, StreetMetrics (www.StreetMetrics.io) specializes in measurement for moving out-of-home (MOOH) media: ads on buses, trains, rideshare fleets, taxis, mobile billboards, airport shuttles, bicycles and scooters. The company currently measures moving media in 30 of the top 35 DMAs in the US, Canada, and a handful of countries across Europe and South America. StreetMetrics is the only dedicated third party measurement provider designed specifically for outdoor ads that move, and is committed to bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds for MOOH marketers. For more information, visit www.StreetMetrics.io, read the StreetMetrics blog, and follow them on LinkedIn.

Source: Carvertise

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