Samsung “Big News” Billboard Campaign

Samsung Big News Campaign

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In order to introduce its latest Galaxy Z Flip5 device, Samsung aimed to highlight its phone’s superior pocket-friendliness compared to an iPhone.

To achieve this objective, the team at the Stockholm-based agency Animal conceptualized a striking black-and-white billboard campaign to announce some significant news.

Strategically placed across the bustling streets of the Swedish capital, one of these billboards instantly grabs attention with its bold black and white typography and a distinctive rectangular corner design bearing the message ‘for small pockets.’

Another innovative execution, featured on public transportation, directly juxtaposes the two competing tech giants, Samsung and Apple.

Ardelan Sohrevardi, the head of marketing at Samsung Electronics Nordic, shared insights into the campaign’s purpose, stating, “Our intention with this campaign was to underscore our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering experiences that deeply resonate with today’s discerning consumers.”

Samsung Small Pocket Campaign

Samsung Flip Phone Campaign

Image Source: Samsung OOH billboard / Samsung

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