Billboard Ad Ideas Based on Business Category

Billboard Ad Ideas Based on Business Type

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If you’ve ever needed billboard ad ideas for a current or potential OOH advertiser, you know it can be tricky coming up with fresh ideas on a regular basis. Especially for digital billboard advertisers, where content should be updated periodically to take full advantage of the media. Maybe you’re doing a sales pitch with spec art to every restaurant in your area and need ad ideas of what they could potentially run. Check out our list of billboard ad ideas based on different types of businesses.

Bank Billboard Ad Ideas

Banks can create effective billboard advertisements by focusing on key messaging that highlights their services, benefits, and branding. Here are some creative ad ideas for banks to consider:

  1. Trust and Security:
    • “Your Financial Security, Our Top Priority.”
    • A billboard featuring a large vault or a bank guard to emphasize safety.
  2. Savings and Investments:
    • “Invest in Your Future with [Bank Name].”
    • A billboard showing a piggy bank growing into a substantial savings account.
  3. Low-Interest Rates:
    • “Unlock Your Dreams with Our Low Mortgage Rates.”
    • A billboard with a key turning a house into a piggy bank.
  4. Online and Mobile Banking:
    • “Bank Anytime, Anywhere with Our Mobile App.”
    • Showcase a smartphone with the bank’s app on a billboard.
  5. Credit Cards:
    • “Swipe Your Way to Rewards with [Bank Name] Credit Card.”
    • Display a credit card with images of rewards like travel or cashback.
  6. Personalized Service:
    • “Banking Tailored to You.”
    • Feature a friendly bank representative assisting a customer.
  7. Community Involvement:
    • “Supporting Our Community Since [Year].”
    • Highlight the bank’s involvement in local charities or events.
  8. Financial Education:
    • “Empowering You with Financial Knowledge.”
    • Show a billboard with a piggy bank graduating from a book.
  9. ATM Network:
    • “Find an ATM Wherever You Go.”
    • Display a map with ATM locations or an ATM with a world map in the background.
  10. Green Banking:
    • “Banking with a Conscience: We’re Going Green.”
    • Showcase eco-friendly initiatives like paperless statements.
  11. Customer Testimonials:
    • “Don’t Take Our Word for It. Hear from Our Happy Customers.”
    • Share brief quotes from satisfied customers.
  12. Cross-Selling Services:
    • “Mortgages, Investments, and More – All Under One Roof.”
    • Use icons or images representing various banking services.
  13. Featuring Employees:
    • “Meet Our Local Team!”
    • Feature photos/names of the bank’s employees.
  14. Competitive Rates:
    • “Earn More with [Bank Name].”
    • Showcase a growing stack of money to symbolize higher interest rates.
  15. Time-Sensitive Offers:
    • “Limited Time: Get [Special Offer] at [Bank Name].”
    • Create a sense of urgency with countdown graphics.

Real Estate Billboard Ad Ideas

Realtors can effectively use billboards to promote their real estate services and properties. Here are some creative ad ideas for realtors to consider:

  1. Property Showcase:
    • Feature high-quality images of a stunning property.
    • Include the property’s key details like price, location, and bedrooms.
  2. Agent Spotlight:
    • Highlight your top real estate agent with a professional photo.
    • Mention their expertise and contact information.
  3. Local Expertise:
    • “Your Local Real Estate Authority Since [Year].”
    • Showcase your experience and commitment to the local community.
  4. Sold Listings:
    • “Another Home Sold by [Realtor Name].”
    • Display images of recently sold properties to build credibility.
  5. Neighborhood Profiles:
    • “Discover [Neighborhood Name]: Your Future Home Awaits.”
    • Highlight the unique features and attractions of a specific neighborhood.
  6. Testimonials:
    • “Hear What Our Satisfied Clients Say.”
    • Feature quotes from happy clients alongside their photos.
  7. Virtual Tours:
    • “Take a 3D Tour of Our Properties.”
    • Promote virtual property tours using QR codes or URLs.
  8. Investment Properties:
    • “Invest Smart with [Realtor Name].”
    • Showcase income-generating properties for investors.
  9. Luxury Homes:
    • “Live the Life of Luxury.”
    • Display high-end properties to attract luxury home buyers.
  10. First-Time Buyers:
    • “Unlock Homeownership with [Realtor Name].”
    • Provide information for first-time homebuyers.
  11. Open House Events:
    • “Join Us this Weekend for an Open House.”
    • Include date, time, and property details.
  12. Digital Presence:
    • “Find Your Dream Home Online: Visit Our Website.”
    • Promote your website or social media profiles for property listings.
  13. Market Updates:
    • “Stay Informed: Real Estate Trends in [City/Region].”
    • Share statistics and insights about the local real estate market.
  14. Free Consultations:
    • “Get Expert Advice: Schedule a Free Consultation Today.”
    • Encourage potential clients to reach out for advice.
  15. Before-and-After Transformations:
    • “See the Magic of Home Staging by [Realtor Name].”
    • Show before and after photos of homes you’ve staged.

Restaurant Billboard Ad Ideas

Restaurants can leverage billboards as an effective advertising medium to attract customers and promote their offerings. Here are some creative ad ideas for restaurants:

  1. Mouth-Watering Food Imagery:
    • Showcase high-quality images of your most popular dishes.
    • Include the restaurant’s name and location for easy identification.
  2. Daily Specials:
    • “Today’s Special: [Special Dish] at [Restaurant Name].”
    • Highlight your daily or weekly specials with enticing images.
  3. Dine-In or Takeout:
    • “Dine In or Take Out: Your Choice, Our Flavor.”
    • Emphasize the convenience of both dining options.
  4. Family Meals:
    • “Feed the Whole Family Tonight at [Restaurant Name].”
    • Showcase a family-sized meal with savings.
  5. Customer Reviews:
    • “Voted Best [Cuisine] in [City].”
    • Display positive reviews or awards received.
  6. Themed Nights:
    • “Taco Tuesdays at [Restaurant Name]: $1 Tacos All Night.”
    • Promote themed nights or special events.
  7. Delivery Service:
    • “Delicious Food, Delivered to Your Doorstep.”
    • Highlight your restaurant’s delivery service.
  8. Healthy Options:
    • “Healthy Eats at [Restaurant Name].”
    • Show healthy dishes to attract health-conscious diners.
  9. Chef’s Recommendations:
    • “Try Chef’s Special Creation: [Dish Name].”
    • Feature a signature dish recommended by your chef.
  10. Local Sourcing:
    • “Farm-to-Table Freshness: Taste the Difference.”
    • Highlight your commitment to using locally sourced ingredients.
  11. Seasonal Menu Changes:
    • “Discover Our New Seasonal Menu at [Restaurant Name].”
    • Promote the excitement of changing menu options.
  12. Reservations:
    • “Reserve Your Table Today: [Phone Number or Website].”
    • Encourage diners to plan ahead.
  13. Loyalty Program:
    • “Join Our Loyalty Program and Earn Delicious Rewards.”
    • Promote the benefits of joining your restaurant’s loyalty program.
  14. Online Ordering:
    • “Order Online for Quick and Easy Takeout.”
    • Encourage customers to order through your website or app.

Insurance Billboard Ad Ideas

Insurance companies can effectively use billboards to convey trust, security, and the value of their services. Here are some creative ad ideas for insurance companies:

  1. Peace of Mind:
    • “Your Peace of Mind, Our Promise.”
    • Show a serene and worry-free scene.
  2. Protection for Every Stage of Life:
    • “From Birthdays to Retirement: We’ve Got You Covered.”
    • Feature images representing various life stages.
  3. Home and Auto Insurance:
    • “Protecting Your Biggest Investments.”
    • Showcase images of a home and car.
  4. Life Insurance:
    • “Secure Your Family’s Future with [Insurance Company].”
    • Highlight the importance of life insurance for family protection.
  5. Health Insurance:
    • “Your Health, Your Future: Choose [Insurance Company].”
    • Include images of healthy individuals or families.
  6. Affordable Coverage:
    • “Quality Insurance, Affordable Rates.”
    • Emphasize competitive pricing.
  7. Local Presence:
    • “Your Local Insurance Experts Since [Year].”
    • Highlight your company’s longstanding local presence.
  8. Quick Claims Processing:
    • “When You Need Us, We’re There.”
    • Assure customers of prompt claims processing.
  9. Discounts and Bundles:
    • “Bundle and Save with [Insurance Company].”
    • Promote discounts for bundling multiple insurance policies.
  10. Emergency Services Coverage:
    • “Ready for Life’s Unexpected Turns.”
    • Show images representing emergencies being handled.
  11. Customer Testimonials:
    • “Trusted by Thousands: Hear Their Stories.”
    • Feature quotes and images of satisfied policyholders.
  12. Digital Services:
    • “Manage Your Policies Online with Ease.”
    • Promote online account management and mobile apps.
  13. Travel Insurance:
    • “Explore the World with Confidence.”
    • Use images of travelers in various destinations.
  14. Identity Theft Protection:
    • “Protecting More Than Just Your Possessions.”
    • Show a lock or shield to symbolize security.
  15. Local Agents:
    • “Talk to a Local Agent Near You.”
    • Include contact information for nearby agents.

Retail Billboard Ad Ideas

Retail businesses can effectively use billboards to promote their products, attract foot traffic, and build brand awareness. Here are some creative ad ideas for retail businesses:

  1. Product Showcases:
    • Feature high-quality images of your best-selling or new products.
    • Include the product name, price, and a call-to-action.
  2. Seasonal Promotions:
    • “Get Ready for [Season] with [Retail Store].”
    • Highlight seasonal sales, discounts, or special collections.
  3. Grand Opening:
    • “Now Open: [Retail Store] at [Location].”
    • Announce the opening of a new store with a bold design.
  4. Flash Sales:
    • “Today Only: Unbeatable Deals at [Retail Store].”
    • Create urgency with limited-time offers.
  5. Online Shopping:
    • “Shop 24/7: Visit [Website URL].”
    • Promote your e-commerce website for online shoppers.
  6. Loyalty Programs:
    • “Join Our Rewards Program for Exclusive Discounts.”
    • Encourage customers to sign up for your loyalty program.
  7. Local Sourcing:
    • “Support Local: Discover [Retail Store] with Local Products.”
    • Highlight your commitment to locally sourced items.
  8. Fashion Trends:
    • “Stay Stylish with [Retail Store]: Check Out the Latest Trends.”
    • Showcase fashion products with trendy visuals.
  9. Customer Testimonials:
    • “See What Our Happy Shoppers Say.”
    • Feature quotes and images of satisfied customers.
  10. In-Store Events:
    • “Join Us for [Event Name] on [Date] at [Retail Store].”
    • Promote special events like fashion shows or product launches.
  11. Curbside Pickup:
    • “Shop Safely with Curbside Pickup at [Retail Store].”
    • Highlight the convenience of curbside shopping.
  12. DIY Inspiration:
    • “Get Creative: Find DIY Supplies at [Retail Store].”
    • Showcase products for DIY enthusiasts.
  13. Local Artisans:
    • “Discover Handcrafted Treasures from Local Artisans.”
    • Feature handmade or artisanal products.
  14. Gift Ideas:
    • “Find the Perfect Gift at [Retail Store].”
    • Promote your store as a go-to destination for gifts.
  15. Sustainability:
    • “Shop Responsibly: Eco-Friendly Choices at [Retail Store].”
    • Highlight environmentally friendly products or practices.

Medical Billboard Ad Ideas

Medical facilities can use billboards to promote their services, build trust, and provide valuable information to the community. Here are some creative ad ideas for medical facilities:

  1. Emergency Care:
    • “Expert Emergency Care 24/7 at [Hospital/Clinic Name].”
    • Highlight quick access to emergency services.
  2. Specialized Care:
    • “Specialists in [Medical Specialty] at [Facility Name].”
    • Promote your facility’s expertise in a specific medical field.
  3. Community Health:
    • “Caring for Our Community’s Health: [Facility Name].”
    • Emphasize your commitment to community well-being.
  4. Telemedicine Services:
    • “Virtual Health Visits: Consult with Our Doctors Anytime.”
    • Highlight the convenience of telehealth services.
  5. Patient Testimonials:
    • “Our Patients Trust Us. Hear Their Stories.”
    • Feature quotes and images of satisfied patients.
  6. Preventive Care:
    • “Preventative Health Screenings Save Lives. Schedule Yours Today.”
    • Encourage regular check-ups and screenings.
  7. Maternity and Pediatrics:
    • “Welcome New Life with [Hospital/Clinic Name].”
    • Showcase maternity and pediatric services.
  8. Mental Health Services:
    • “Your Mental Health Matters: Compassionate Care at [Facility Name].”
    • Promote mental health services and resources.
  9. Senior Care:
    • “Comprehensive Care for Seniors: [Facility Name].”
    • Highlight services for senior citizens.
  10. Online Appointment Booking:
    • “Book Your Appointment Online: Visit [Website URL].”
    • Encourage patients to use your website for appointments.
  11. Insurance Accepted:
    • “We Accept Your Insurance: Quality Care at [Facility Name].”
    • Assure patients of insurance coverage.
  12. Community Outreach:
    • “Join Us for [Health Awareness Event] at [Location].”
    • Promote health education and community events.
  13. Patient Safety:
    • “Your Safety is Our Priority: Learn About Our Protocols.”
    • Share information on safety measures in place.
  14. Local Providers:
    • “Trusted Local Healthcare: [Facility Name] Since [Year].”
    • Highlight your facility’s long-standing presence in the community.

Gym Billboard Ad Ideas

Gyms and fitness centers can use billboards to motivate, inspire, and attract potential members. Here are some creative ad ideas for gyms:

  1. Transformative Before and After Photos:
    • Show dramatic before-and-after images of individuals who achieved fitness goals at your gym.
    • Include a compelling tagline like “Unlock Your Potential.”
  2. Membership Promotions:
    • “Get Fit for Less! Join Today and Save [Discount Percentage].”
    • Promote special offers and discounts for new members.
  3. Group Fitness Classes:
    • “Join Our Community: Try a Free Group Fitness Class.”
    • Highlight the sense of community and inclusion in your gym’s classes.
  4. 24/7 Access:
    • “Work Out on Your Schedule: 24/7 Access at [Gym Name].”
    • Emphasize the convenience of round-the-clock access.
  5. Personal Training Services:
    • “Achieve Your Goals with Personalized Training at [Gym Name].”
    • Promote the expertise of your trainers.
  6. Online Workouts:
    • “Stay Fit at Home with [Gym Name]’s Online Workouts.”
    • Highlight virtual fitness options for on-the-go or at-home workouts.
  7. Healthy Lifestyle:
    • “Not Just a Gym: A Lifestyle Change at [Gym Name].”
    • Convey that your gym supports a holistic approach to health.
  8. Community Engagement:
    • “Join Our Fitness Family at [Gym Name].”
    • Showcase the social aspect of your gym and group activities.
  9. Equipment Variety:
    • “Discover the Latest Fitness Tech at [Gym Name].”
    • Promote the state-of-the-art equipment available.
  10. Nutrition and Wellness Programs:
    • “Fuel Your Fitness Journey with Our Nutrition Programs.”
    • Emphasize the importance of nutrition in achieving fitness goals.
  11. Family-Friendly:
    • “Fitness Fun for the Whole Family at [Gym Name].”
    • Highlight family-oriented activities or childcare services.
  12. New Location Announcement:
    • “Coming Soon: [Gym Name] to [Location].”
    • Generate excitement for a new gym location.
  13. Client Success Stories:
    • “Meet Our Success Stories: Real Members, Real Results.”
    • Share stories and testimonials from satisfied members.
  14. Competitions and Challenges:
    • “Challenge Yourself: Join Our Fitness Challenges.”
    • Promote friendly competitions and challenges within the gym.
  15. Cleanliness:
    • “Your Health and Safety Matter: We Have Clean Facilities.”

We encourage you to take these billboard ad ideas and tweak them to fit your local businesses. Happy billboarding!

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