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Need some inspiration for an existing restaurant billboard customer or proposing some great ideas to a potential client? We’ve scoured the web and put together a list of some of the best restaurant billboards around the globe.  These ads are for inspiration only and we do not recommend copying them verbatim.

Mcdonald’s Spectacular Fresh Salads billboard.

This unique billboard features greenery that appears to grow out of soil making the words “Fresh Salads”. We don’t know if the billboard was ever live, however, it is a very unique and clever approach.

The Donato’s Pizza & Chaz Sun Fashion Shared Billboard Idea

Love this 3D billboard idea and how great is it that they combined 2 different companies into one. And black and white with the color really sets it off. Image source: albrexicon.wordpress.com

Bloom Steakhouse Fork Billboard

Love this 3D billboard with the fork on the pole. This restaurant billboard is one of the greatest we’ve seen. Looks so realistic! Image source: smashinghub.com

Cuts Steakhouse Fork Billboard

Same here with the 3D fork billboard, absolutely love how realistic it looks. Much less expensive to produce than the above idea. Looks so mouth watering you could and eat it. I’m thinking steak for dinner!  Image Source: outfrontmedia.com

Burger King Extra Thick Steakhouse Burger Billboard

Really like the way they made the wording tie into the point they are trying to get across. The burger is so thick the billboard is ripping in half! Image Source: jagfrith408b.wordpress.com

Chick-fil-A Eat More Chicken Billboards

I’m sure that everyone has seen these posted somewhere, but we just had to share it. It’s a classic! Image Source: adweek.com

Oakcrest Family Restaurant Billboard

Love this billboard because it’s simple and to the point. Image Source: bradleynfreeman.com

5 Tips for Creating a Great Restaurant Billboard:

• Simplicity (7 words or less).
• A great photo (that evokes emotion or showcases delicious food).
• Good branding (is it obvious who the restaurant is at a quick glance?).
• A Compelling Headline.
• Good Contrast, Readability, and Color.

Restaurant billboard idea

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