OneScreen.ai Partners with Evertreen to Help Offset Carbon Footprint in Outdoor Advertising

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BOSTON — April 21, 2022 – OneScreen.ai, the marketplace provider for buying and selling out-of-home (OOH) advertising, is partnering with Evertreen, the only platform that allows users worldwide to plant real trees online and track them via satellite, to establish a forest of more than 10,000 trees a year in Madagascar. The campaign is to help reduce the carbon footprint of real-world advertising as OneScreen.ai accelerates industry growth by making it easier to buy and sell out-of-home ads, whether that’s static or digital billboards, wall murals, bus and airport signs, and more.

“From individuals and businesses to industries and countries, it’s our responsibility to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support our planet,” said Sam Mallikarjunan, co-founder and CEO of OneScreen.ai. “Whether for Earth Day or any day, we are taking various steps to care for our people, our company, and our planet and are particularly excited to be working with Evertreen to plant trees on behalf of our employees and customers to help offset their carbon footprint.”

OneScreen.ai began this campaign by planting a tree for each of its 48 employees and will continue planting a tree for each additional new hire. The company plans to add future integrations to allow OOH campaigns that are powered through its platform to be carbon neutral.

High concentrations of greenhouse gases, specifically carbon dioxide, raise the average surface temperature of the planet, causing various life-threatening impacts, including rising sea levels, intense storms, and food scarcity.

According to Evertreen, if a digital billboard 1) measures 667 square feet, 2) is displayed for nearly 54 hours, and 3) generates 263,822 impressions by car, it produces 12,170,804 grams of carbon dioxide. Approximately 81 trees offset this carbon footprint.

Evertreen trees are planted directly by local farmers to help fight global warming and desertification, create new ecosystems, and reduce industrial impact and pollution. Satellite tracking provides continuous updates on growth status, photosynthetic activity, presence of dry and infertile soil, and more. The company aims to protect and restore forests on a massive scale, creating livelihoods for people living in extreme poverty.

Friday, April 22, 2022 marks the 52nd anniversary of the first Earth Day. This year also marks the 150th anniversary of National Arbor Day celebrated on Friday, April 29, 2022.

For more information on Evertreen, go to: www.evertreen.com and follow on LinkedInInstagram, and Facebook.

To be part of OneScreen.ai’s ongoing impactful initiatives, check out the company’s open positions at: https://www.onescreen.ai/careers.

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OneScreen.ai is accelerating the growth of real-world advertising by making it easier to buy and sell out-of-home (OOH) ads – from billboards, blimps, and buses to wrapped cars and connected TVs in bars and restaurants. OOH advertising is the only traditional ad medium still growing, and OneScreen.ai is making the entire industry more streamlined and connected with one centralized space for marketers to buy, deploy, and measure OOH advertising and for media owners to sell, manage, and invoice their inventory. Founded by former executives and alumni from Google, HubSpot, and Wayfair, OneScreen.ai earned a Great Place to Work Certification in 2022. To learn more, visit www.onescreen.ai and follow on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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