More than 1 million Samsung screens will be programmatic-ready and generate extra revenues thanks to Displayforce.ai


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Displayforce.ai, a Netherlands-based AdTech solution provider, presented a special version of the Displayforce Player: software for selling and managing DooH advertisements. For the first time, programmatic media buying is natively available on Samsung Smart Signage Panels — a feature set that has never been available on the market before.

The Netherland-based DooH technology pioneer Displayforce.ai is a global software vendor providing solutions for outdoor and indoor marketing automation launched a full-fledged version of their platform running on Samsung Tizen. Now Samsung screen owners can run their own marketing content and get extra revenues by selling ad space of their networks. Screens are monetized by both loop-based Direct Sales and programmatic auctions (private RTB). This combination allows screen owners to maximize their revenues, while reducing capital expenditures: no need to purchase any additional equipment, such as TV Boxes and nettops.

The updated version of Displayforce.ai for Samsung Tizen supports:

  • Combining personal marketing content with loop-based scheduled ad campaigns and programmatic advertising;
  • Using third-party data in XML format for campaign enrichment;
  • Gathering campaign analytics (tracking views and impressions), proof of performance and reporting;
  • Logging and network health-check;
  • Managing devices remotely.


According to our clients’ experience, the combination of 3 types of advertising content (own marketing content, Direct Ad sales in loops, and programmatic) boosts the digital screens’ revenue by more than 100%!

Businesses gain multiple benefits by selling programmatic ads in DooH:

  • Triggered purchase. Right location, timing, event, weather, and environment can lead a consumer towards purchasing certain products or services.
  • Precise targeting allows selecting a cohort among the audience and buying impressions exactly when people are clustered at a certain location.
  • Flexible budgeting and targeting at any time.
  • Unprecedented ROI as a result of effective campaigns and optimized costs.

Let us note that Samsung Electronics is the No.1 supplier in the Digital Signage market worldwide —  now more than 155 million devices with the Tizen OS are in operation. Emerging of Displayforce.ai compatible with Tizen for SSSP 4.0 and higher is a disruptive driver for a programmatic and DooH market.

“We developed a special version of Displayforce.ai especially for our customers who use Samsung displays. They historically had to set up additional hardware to monetize their screens. Displayforce for Tizen saves resources for our customers, deliberating them from extra expenses on equipment, its installation, and set-up. As far as we know, a solution with such functionality has not been released by any software vendor yet. The Tizen version of our software greatly enhances our customers’ ability to monetize their digital surfaces,” explains the company’s CTO, Alexey Rekish.

Displayforce.ai was founded in 2019 in the Netherlands. Displayforce.ai is an AI-powered outdoor and indoor performance marketing automatization tool.

Displayforce provides the DOOH industry with solutions that allow redefinition of the customer experience by hyper-personalization on digital screens and generating additional revenue from guaranteed audience monetization.

Over three years, Displayforce.ai has connected more than 38,000 touchpoints in 18 countries for 200 medium and large customers with 10+M daily audience. METROBOSCHElectroluxIntel, and Microsoft are among our clients and partners.


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