Who Should be Advertising on Digital Billboards That’s Not?

Who should be advertising on Digital Billboards DOOH

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Digital billboards (DOOH) can be effective for many different types of advertisers. In your local area, there are perhaps several business categories that would be a great fit for digital billboards that are not currently using them.

What aspects make advertisers a great fit for digital billboards?

• The need to change their artwork regularly.

• Dayparting media for the morning, noon, and night (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

• The need to quickly add or remove ads.

• The need to target specific locations and/or easily change locations.

• The need to get vital information out to the public quickly.

Who Should be Advertising on Digital Billboards That’s Not?

This is a list of suggested potential advertisers that may or may not be utilizing digital in your area. The suggested businesses below would make a great fit for digital billboards based on the criteria above.

• Drive-In Movie Theatres

• Local Police Station

• Chamber of Commerce

• Animal Shelters

• Department of Transportation

• City Government

• Equipment/Party Rentals

• Farmer’s Markets

• Florists/Gift Shops

• Schools (for sports, admissions, acknowledgments, etc. (Can be sponsored by a local business ie: local bank)

• Sporting Goods

• Health Departments

• Pharmacies

• Grocery Stores

• Drug Coalitions

• Event Venues

• Landscapers

• Parks/Marinas

• Veterinarians

• Estate Sales

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