Making the world a clickable place: PointMe introduces a solution that enables pointing and clicking in the physical world, delivering an exciting new customer experience

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PointMe, a startup company, is transforming the way we interact with objects around us in the physical world. PointMe, a portfolio company of Incubit Ventures, Elbit Systems’ deep-tech incubator, developed a solution that is based on an innovative LBS (localization based services) technology which can transform any object in the physical world into a clickable one – billboards, screens, buildings, statues, restaurants and more.

In consequence, consumers will be able to enjoy a new kind of online customer experience, pointing and clicking with their mobile device to interact with objects in the real world. Service providers using the PointMe solution benefit from deeper customer engagement, accurate data analytics, and novel guiding capabilities.

The solution can be used in various industries and applications, chief among them: retail, OOH (out of home) advertisement, smart cities, access control (entering parking lots, toll roads), museums, etc.

The company is currently conducting a POC with a European leading museum, jointly with AcousticGuide, an award winning provider of interpretive services for immersive content and multimedia solutions, working with over 600 tourist attractions worldwide such as the Statue of Liberty, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Tower of London and many more. Partnering with PointMe will enable AcousticGuide to offer various clients more solutions, such as auto-trigger, video synchronization, navigation and positioning. It will also enable AcousticGuide and PointMe additional fields of activity such as sports stadiums, trade shows, as well as merchandise purchasing (pre-, during, and post visit).

Please watch our video here.

“In the digital world we can point and click at things we want. However, in the physical world it has been impossible – until now,” says Ran Soffer, PointMe CEO. “PointMe disrupts this reality and makes every object clickable while delivering a new kind of interactive experience to both consumers and service providers.”

“We are happy to work with AcousticGuide, a major provider for the Museums and Monuments Market, and to integrate PointMe’s solution in museums’ digital transformation, providing a new way of interaction, and actually offering a new level of customer experience,” concluded Ran Soffer

“For a long-time, museums have been looking for solutions that would bring new user experience, appeal to younger visitors, and take the general experience into the digital era,” says Eyal Ben Gigi, AcusticGuide CEO. “When we met with PointMe we immediately understood that we have found not only a great technological solution, but also a thinking partner that we are happy to be working with.”

“Due to its highly accurate location and facing/pointing capabilities, PointMe technology is totally versatile and can be useful in many industries and applications, such as OOH Advertising where the technology can transform every sign, outdoor or indoor, into an interactive one; Access Control – access to parking lots or toll roads can be easily transformed into totally hands free and user friendly, saving the use of cameras and the touching of external buttons; Retail and Indoor Navigation – an amazing solution for transportation hubs and big stores, where PointMe can provide both location based services and navigation solutions as well as pointing capabilities to give users and retailers a much better experience, analyze consumers behavior, help manage employees, customers and queues,” said Ran Soffer

PointMe was co-founded in 2019 by Ran Soffer CEO, and Shai Homsky, CTO. Each of them brings vast experience in startups & Fortune 500 companies. Both were part of two successful M&A’s, one of which was the sale of an Israeli company to Broadcom. The company’s VP BD, Shmulik Kitanik, brings more than 20 years in the marketing and advertising industries, working for major agencies such as Publicis, J. Walter Thompson, and Grey. The seed investment was made by Incubit Ventures and the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA).


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