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There’s a new company in OOH town and they are solving an issue many of us deal with on a daily basis. We’ve all been there, you get an RFP for a large campaign and have to submit camera shots of your billboard locations. You send in the decade-old photos you took with your low-res cell phone camera and they immediately ask for better photos. Or, you don’t get the bid and you wonder why? There is no doubt that most of us have dated, unprofessional photos of our billboards. And very few have professional drone videos or approach videos. Unfortunately, this is costing us advertisers.  SignBird (signbird.io) is working to fix this problem by offering professional, high-quality photo and video services to billboard companies all over the US.

Truth is, most outdoor advertising companies don’t have time, resources, or expertise to fly a drone, edit content, and spend countless hours at a location with expensive photography equipment. SignBird solves this problem. (from the Sign Bird website)

SignBird showcases your billboards in a way that makes them easier to sell. Take a look at the example below. If you are sending photos like the one on the left to potential customers or including them in RFP’s, then you are not doing your sales any favors. Professional photos like the example on the right (Taken by Sign Bird) speak volumes to potential advertisers.

SignBird Billboard Photos

Studies have shown people prefer and are more likely to engage with video over static images. With the rise in social media, this is becoming more and more prevalent. That’s why we, as billboard owners, should be utilizing video in our sales and marketing. SignBird offers professional drone, approach, and videography services.

Some interesting stats about video:

44% of people say they would watch a video included in an email.

Including videos in an email increases clickthrough rates by up to 300%

71% of consumers prefer video over other marketing content.

Including videos in an email increases clickthrough rates by up to 300%

Words on the page are great. Putting your billboard on video shows the prospect they’re dealing with a real opportunity. Something that’s working 24/7/365. Something they can see…and most importantly trust is working for them.

With COVID-19 hampering direct contact sales efforts, it’s important to re-evaluate our marketing materials and make sure what we’re sending to our potential clients is the best it can be. Our salespeople are sending billboard quotes, RFP’s, location photos, and ride sheets more than ever. Companies like SignBird can help you stand out from the competition with great photos, video proposals, and professional ride sheets.

When advertisers feel like they understand your product, they buy it. Now more than ever, we need to stand out as an industry by providing beautifully crafted ride sheets and marketing materials, photos from multiple angles, and videos that show our billboards in their best light. If you don’t have the time and expertise to do so, consider contacting SignBird for a free quote. Think of your advertising competition…radio, digital, newspaper, and even T.V… how are they proposing their ad space to advertisers…most likely with a static piece of paper/proposal… SignBird enables you to be different and stand out from the crowd competing for ad dollars.

Out-of-Home is a visual product. SignBird exists to create news ways of proposing out-of-home to advertisers. See some of their work below:

Billboard Photography and Video Billboard Photography and Video Billboard Photography and Video

Contact SignBird at or 205-523-4227. Visit their website here.

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