New Billboard Campaign in Los Angeles Urges People to Save Millions of Lives This Holiday Season by Choosing Health & Compassion

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This holiday season it is more important than ever to make healthy choices that save the lives of millions of innocent animals by simply leaving meat off your plate. To help spread this important message, Peace 4 Animals and World Animal News (WAN) have launched another impactful billboard campaign to encourage people to go plant-based.


New Billboard Campaign In Los Angeles Urges People To Save Millions Of Lives This Holiday Season By Choosing Health & Compassion

“If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that significant changes must be made in order to save our planet and all of the sentient beings that inhabit it,” said Katie Cleary, Founder and President of Peace 4 Animals and World Animal News. “There needs to be a cultural shift in the U.S. and throughout the world to change the way we are conditioned to think about farm animals. One that includes recognizing animals as individuals, not food for human consumption.”


The powerful new ‘Choose Compassion This Holiday Season, Go Plant-Based’ billboard, featuring a turkey, a cow, and a pig, now stands tall above the highly-trafficked I-5 Santa Ana Freeway near Garfield Avenue in the city of Commerce in Los Angeles County.

“While many Americans are still digesting the fact that some 46 million turkeys are slaughtered for Thanksgiving alone each year in the United States, there are tragically another estimated 22 million turkeys that are killed for holiday meals throughout the month of December,” continued Cleary. “The statistics are even more staggering when considering the millions of other farm animals, all victims of the destructive factory-farming industry, who are killed for their meat. This, despite there being so many delicious and accessible plant-based options that are better for our health, the planet, and of course, for the animals.”

The Peace 4 Animals and WAN ‘Save A Life This Thanksgiving, Adopt A Turkey’ Los Angeles County-based billboards that launched last month will also remain up throughout December. They are strategically located on the 710 Long Beach Freeway near the Imperial Highway exit in the city of Lynwood and on the 110 Harbor Freeway near Sepulveda Boulevard in Harbor City.

For further information or to schedule a time to speak with said Katie Cleary, Founder and President of Peace 4 Animals and World Animal News, please contact Lauren Lewis at 260272@email4pr.com or (818) 970-0052

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