Good Hope to Allow Billboards

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GOOD HOPE – The Good Hope City Council has approved an amended ordinance that will allow billboards to be installed on Interstate 65 and on a small portion of Alabama 69 just off the interstate.

Good Hope Mayor Jerry Bartlett said the city had stopped the installation of billboards in the past, and this ordinance lets billboard installations resume along the interstate while leaving a small amount of room on the highway.

“We had stopped it, but we’re opening back up the interstate,” he said.

The ordinance prohibits billboards from being built more than half a mile away from interstate interchanges on Alabama 69 and sets a minimum distance of 1,000 feet between billboards, regardless of the side of the highway they are on. On Interstate 65, the ordinance sets a minimum distance of 500 feet between billboards on the same side of the interstate.

The ordinance also states that billboards must also meet all Alabama Department of Transportation regulations and sets limits on their height and size, and mandates that the billboards must be built with vinyl or another material that will not fade or tear.

The city also passed a resolution to enter into an agreement with the Alabama’s Mountains, Rivers and Valleys Resource Conservation & Development Council for a $5,125 grant for the city’s Municipal Park trails.

The council heard last month from engineer David Haynes with St. John and Associates about plans to build trails on the recently-purchased 33-acre plot of land adjoining Municipal Park, and this grant will be used to pay for work on those trails, Bartlett said.

Source: Tyler Hanes

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