Floating digital billboard company must stay out of NYC or pay $100K: judge

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Floating digital billboards must stay out of New York City’s waterways — or be forced to fork over a $100,000 penalty, a Manhattan federal court judge ruled.

The city originally sued the company behind the billboards, Ballyhoo Media, back in March, claiming the LED-lit seafaring signs sailing along the East River and the Hudson created a “public nuisance” while also breaking zoning laws.

Yet Judge Louis Stanton dismissed the suit late Monday following an agreement between the city and the advertising company, which agreed to hand over a $100,000 judgment to the city if one of its garish advertisements every enters city waters again.

Per court papers, Ballyhoo intends to relocate the offending vessel to somewhere in Florida.

“Our legal action has resulted in a big win for New Yorkers,” said Acting Corporation Counsel Georgia M. Pestana. “Ballyhoo will no longer operate its water-based ads anywhere in New York State in defiance of laws intended to further traffic safety and the public’s enjoyment of the waterfront.”

The agreement comes in the wake of a Aug. 20 legislation signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo, barring companies like Ballyhoo from operating in New York’s waterways.

Source: Emily Saul

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