Billboards in Denver designed to attract birds — here’s why

Bird Billboard

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DENVER (KDVR) — There are some billboards in Denver, Colorado, that may be drawing some (feathered) crowds — but why would a billboard be designed to attract birds?

It’s part of a campaign by the Colorado-based Generation Wild, which aims to remind parents to motivate their kids to love the outdoors, according to the organization.

The project includes several billboards that integrate natural elements relating to the unique billboard’s surroundings, and some of them are specifically designed to attract birds.

“It’s going to show kids that this is one of the really cool things that you can do outdoors:to see and to watch birds,” Mike Sukle, the founder of the advertising agency said.

The billboard blends in with the sky, featuring light clouds and tree branches that are arranged to read the project’s theme, “share this wonder-full world.”

Bird Billboard 1

Bird Billboard 2

Bird Billboard 3

It features actual branch-like perches that stick out of the board and some even have some food sources that will quite literally bring life to the billboard.

The campaign organizers and advertising agency worked with a local bird store, Wild Birds Unlimited, to design the board to be appealing to birds.

Sukle told FOX31 that as they were putting up one of the bird-friendly billboards Wednesday, “There was actually a hawk that landed on it right when they got done, so maybe it’s going to work.”

There will be about 20 billboards for the campaign each month that rotate throughout the Denver metro area, according to the advertising agency.

One incorporates shadows that will move across the board as the sun changes position throughout the day, and another is a digital board that blends in with the stars at night.

“We thought it would be really cool to get those natural elements into the urban spaces,” Sukle said.

Bird Billboard 4

Bird Billboard 5

Bird Billboard 6

Bird Billboard 7

He said that they have done a longitudinal tracking study that proved that the campaign, including 100 Things to Do Before You’re 12, is a worthwhile effort as it is having an effect on kids and their connection to nature.

“It proves that parents are really hungry for this information, they need help figuring out how to get their kids out and they need to be reminded of the importance of their kids being outside and playing out in nature,” Sukle said.

He said that Generation Wild was created by Great Outdoors Colorado, an organization that funds parks around the state and wants to be sure that those parks are put to use.

by: Brooke Williams / Fox 21 Local News



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