Sandler Chattanooga/OOH Sales Mastery Team Honored with Pinnacle Award at the Annual Sandler Summit for Outstanding Global Performance


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Chattanooga, TN – It is with immense pride that Sandler Professional Development of Chattanooga, the team that has developed and conducts the OOH Sales Mastery Program  announces receiving the prestigious Pinnacle Award at this year’s Sandler Summit in Orlando, Florida. Owners Lisa and Dan Nausley led their team to global recognition, marking their 17th year that Sandler Chattanooga has served its clients and has once again been ranked among the Top 10 highest performing Sandler teams worldwide.

The Chattanooga team specializes in working with Independent Billboard Operators across the country.  Leveraging their combined leadership and sales expertise of over 100 years, they have established their firm as more than just a training center. They are recognized as trusted advisors, strategic partners, and invaluable executive coaches to more than 50 OOH client companies. This distinction is a testament to their unwavering dedication and the effectiveness of their training methods.

“The commitment of the team at Sandler in Chattanooga to serve their business owners with high quality training, personal mentoring, and a history of results is exceptional, and it shows in their success,” said Dave Mattson, CEO and president of Sandler Training’s worldwide network. The Nausley’s represent what David Sandler stood for “ continually  make people successful and they will be customers for life”

“I’m proud of their efforts and know they will continue to empower their clients to become stronger, more confident leaders and sales professionals.”

A Celebratory Summit

The 2024 Sandler Summit in Orlando brought together over 1,500 leading professionals from the worlds of business, sales, leadership, and management. This gathering not only served as a platform to honor high achievers like Sandler Chattanooga but also as a moment to share insights and strategies that continue to influence the training industry profoundly.

Leading Through Innovation and Results

Sandler Training is globally acclaimed for its innovative approach in executive coaching, management, leadership, sales, and customer service training. The Sandler method, characterized by its straightforward, no-nonsense effectiveness, consistently delivers measurable outcomes through its comprehensive suite of training resources, continual workshops, one-on-one coaching, and rigorous follow-up practices. This world class curriculum has been customized by the Chattanooga team to develop the OOH Sales Mastery Program.  Noteworthy achievements include:

Training over 50,000 individuals annually.

Serving more than 50,000 global clients and companies.

Delivering more than 500,000 hours of training each year.

96% of clients endorse Sandler, ready to recommend their programs.

For further details on Sandler Chattanooga’s coaching and OOH training programs and how they can help elevate your OOH business performance, please contact:

Dan Nausley/ dan.nausley@sandler.com/ 423.702.5579/ www.oohmastery.com



The Sandler Chattanooga/OOH Sales Mastery lead trainers & coaches: from left to right Dan Nausley, Lisa Nausley, Reggie Piercy and Wade Rowan

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