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Media Rating Council - OOH Measurement Standards

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The following was released by Media Rating Council on April 26, 2024…

Out-Of-Home Measurement Standards

Phase 1 (Exclusive of Audience)

This document represents the first phase to publish Standards for the measurement of Out-of-Home (OOH) Media Audiences intended to foster a common core of metrics that can be applied across the full expanse of out-of-home media, as well as provide for comparability to other measured media. This first phase release addresses Standards applicable to several of the underlying components necessary to establish a qualified OOH measurement metric, and purposely omits the details as to what is necessary to qualify a reported statistic as audience. The requirements to establish an audience metric will be documented through a second phase release of this document. These Standards are designed to be applicable to visual media formats including Display and Video whether delivered via digital or analog means. The document was prepared for the use and benefit of the media Industry, especially those constitutes that analyze measurement statistics, whether for content or advertising in OOH Media, and those that monetize media metrics associated with advertising (whether buyer or seller) in the OOH environment.

The term audience is referenced throughout this document since that is the eventual goal for when the final phase two version is released. The term audience is defined as the number of individuals estimated to be within the Display Exposure Zone that have met the criteria for a Likelihood-to-See Impression, including other criteria to be determined as part of Phase 2 of the OOH Standards. Additionally, many of the metrics covered in this phase one release are fundamental to establishing audience for OOH, and the requirements and defined criteria associated with each of these will apply when the final audience measurement version of this document is released. Note, the term “individual” is used throughout this document serving as a counting mechanism and its mention should not be inferred to represent audience. Multiple metrics are reported based on individuals including traffic counts, impressions, and audience, though each is defined separately based on its own set of unique qualifiers. The term “individual” alone does imply any form of characteristic, unless these data are attributed by the measurer.

It should be noted that the “best” methods and approaches to measure the audience of any media are driven by the nature of the medium, its environment, its mode(s) of delivery and how its audience consumes and interacts with the medium. This is especially true of OOH due to the diverse nature of the locations and delivery methods, the environmental factors associated with the varying locations and delivery vehicles, and the available measurement techniques for these unique environments.

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