Billboard Readability Test

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Testing the readability of a billboard before it’s printed or displayed live can be tricky. How far should you stand back from your computer screen? If you print it out on your office computer, how big and how far away should you stand? We’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you with our simple billboard readability test.

Simply download this PDF file and paste your billboard ad onto the desired size. Then print the document out at 100% scale. Tape the print to a wall and take 3 full steps backward. This will give you a simulated 1000′ view of your ad.

Things to look for during your readability test:

Is all of your copy large enough and legible? Are the fonts easy enough to read?

Are the text and colors prioritized? Meaning you read the headline first, then the sub-heading, then CTA, etc…

Can you easily tell what the images/photos are?

Does the copy have enough contrast?

Can you grasp the overall concept of the ad quickly?

Download the PDF below and start checking the readability of your billboard ads:

Billboard Readability Test

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