Less is more: The art of cutting words and prioritizing copy

Small town billboard

Cutting words and prioritizing copy is helpful in many ways, especially when you are designing a billboard. Try to remember  that the reader only has a few seconds to read your ad. So you need to choose your photo and words wisely to get the message across in an effective manor. Focus on a single message and specific goal. In billboard copy, the best practice is seven words or less on the ad. This doesn’t necessarily include the phone number or address. But stick to one point of contact: phone or website or address or even better… nothing at all because the reader can always google them or find them on facebook. Remember that simpler is always better since the reader only has a few critical seconds. Make sure the ad contains legible fonts, spacing, and flow. Make the colors bold to grab attention but not too gaudy.  There are great billboard designers out there, just don’t be another mediocre artist.

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