Billboard Art Reminders = Client Renewals

Billboard Art Reminders

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The key to happy digital billboard clients is making sure they utilize their billboard to its fullest extent. What does that mean? It means they should be updating their creative at least once or twice a month. But ideally, every week. The main benefit of digital OOH is being able to change your ads at the drop of a hat. Every business in the world seems to have something new to post on facebook or instagram on a weekly basis, why not post something new on your digital billboard as well?

For our digital customers at Roland Digital Media (where the guys work that created (Tasty Ad) we send out an art reminder to every client that doesn’t request new art within 30 days. Sometimes more if time allows.

This simple gesture to our digital billboard clients does two things:

  1. It lets them know we are thinking of them. We didn’t just sign them up to collect their money and forget about them. It shows we truly care about their business and want them to succeed. Keeping an open line of communication with your clients is very important to their happiness and trust in your company.
  2. It forces them to take a minute and realize “Hey, I do have something I need to post on the billboard!” As with any business owner, our advertisers get caught up in the day-to-day and forget about their advertising. So it helps if we remind them from time to time.

This is what our “Art Reminder” email looks like: 



We’ve noticed you have not updated your digital billboard with new art in a while. If you have anything new you would like to post, just let me know.


Need some ideas? 



Have a great day!
John Doe

There are a few ways to keep track of your advertiser’s ad updates. A spreadsheet, a CRM program like One Page, your scheduling software might have this capability built in, or just remembering off the top of your head as you compile your list once every 30 days.

To recap, by sending out art reminders to your digital billboard customers you show them you care about them and you force them to truly utilize their billboard. Which in turn means they will see more of a return on investment. This will make them much more likely to renew when the time comes around. We hope you start practicing it!

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