The Greatest Revolution Since Digital Printing!

The Greatest Revolution Since Digital Printing


Tasty Ad OOH Software is the Greatest Revolution Since Digital Printing!

Tasty Ad is an online based system for billboard businesses, digital signage business owners, billboard advertisers and digital signage advertisers to create, store and share digital and static billboard and digital display art. Premium professional template based ads and designs with stock photos all customized easily to match your brand. 90% of billboards and digital display ads in the world, static and digital, are not designed effectively. They do not follow the best practices of billboard and display design. This system will help anyone make an ad that is legible, bold, and effective ten times faster than traditional methods.

Check out these amazing features & benefits that will help your everyday OOH life.

• 100% Online (Cloud based).
• Informative blog.
• How to articles.
• Intelligent layout creation for maximum effectiveness.
• Subscription based – Cancel anytime.
• All previous work is stored online.
• Automated – It does the design work for you!
• Automatically puts the ad on a nice proof background.
• Sends to customer for approval. Accepts approval or customers revision notes.
• Format a design for multiple board types easily.

• Saves company and advertisers time.
• Keeps digital boards up to date easier.
• Super easy to use. No design skills or advanced computer skills required.
• Helps to keep ads within the “best design practices” for maximum ad effectiveness.
• Stores all art online. Can be used anywhere on any computer.
• Streamlined Advertiser Ad management.

When a customer buys a billboard or digital signage ad… what exactly are they buying? What is the end product? IT’S A DESIGN. SO IT SHOULD BE THE BEST IT CAN.

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