Boost Billboard Sales with Tasty Ad

Boost Billboard Sales with Tasty Ad

Tasty Ad is going to boost your billboard sales and I’ll tell you why. Tasty Ad is design software created for OOH sales people to create fast and effective spec art. That alone will boost your sales, but there is MORE! Tasty Ad also has helpful blogs, sales tips and strategies that are sure to help your billboard business thrive. Tasty Ad news will help you keep up to date on new things we offer, and what is going on in the billboard world. Let’s get into more details below…

1) Spec art: Spec art sometimes is thrown off as it is a waste of time and money for businesses. But that is WRONG. We have been in the billboard business for many years and it has helped us get so many clients. Over 95% of our digital billboards are sold out each month! When a sales person walks into a business with just a contract, it is so much harder to make the sale. But when you have spec art ready to show when you arrive, you are much more likely to make the sale. Tasty Ad is an awesome software where the ads are already made up, free stock photos, great looking proof backgrounds and a professional proposal tool are all included and easy to use. NO DESIGN EXPERIENCE NEEDED! So now it is easier for salespeople to use it anywhere, even on mobile devices.

2) Blogs: On our website you will find that we have tons of information that is sure to help your business. We have OOH News, OOH Creative, OOH Sales, and Tasty Ad news topics. As well as tips for everyday business practices.

3) Strategies: When you are a Tasty Ad subscriber, you get access to free downloads and premium content, brochures and flyers that you can print and share with your customers.

4) Videos: We regularly post videos that not only explain how Tasty Ad works, but show ideas on how to boost your sales.

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