What do you get with Tasty Ad?

What do you get with Tasty Ad?

Tasty Ad is a unique sales and design tool for the out-of-home advertising industry. Created by Shane Hutton (Creative Director at Roland Digital Media) and Dave Roland (President of Roland Digital Media). We have combined proven strategies, tools and techniques that optimize sales and encourage client retention. Tasty Ad is at first glance, an incredibly fast and easy way to design OOH ads and present them to potential or existing clients in the most professional and impactful way. However, it’s much more than that. We provide resources to help you use these tools and techniques, such as videos, promotional and marketing content you can share with your customers and online seminars. All free to our Tasty Ad subscribers!


Creating Ads is easier than ever now with Tasty Ad software! Below are some screenshots of the actual software tool. You can easily import your advertiser’s information, select and customize your ads, then share them with current and potential customers!

How Tasty Ad works

Presenting the ads to your potential or existing clients has never been easier and looked more professional. Tasty Ad places your ads on professional backgrounds that really show off your ads. And we also offer Tasty Proposals, a tool that lets you easily share OOH ads with sales leads by email. Upload your ads, location maps, and photos. Tasty Ad sends a professional email. You get a response when a client clicks the “I’m Interested” button.

Ad proofs and proposal tool

You also get access to Tasty Strategy. Tasty Strategy is helpful in so many ways. It’s based on the process we (Roland Digital Media) currently use for sales, design, client retention, day to day operation, customer service, scheduling, billing, marketing and more. Between online seminars, sales email templates, design files, social media tips, flyers & infographics, video interviews, email Q & A, and detailed articles, Tasty Ad strategy will help your business in many ways. Don’t forget to check out our blog that is full of useful tips for OOH companies and advertisers.



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