Youth Sports Across the US Gets Needed Support From Ad Industry Partnership

AllOver Media and LeagueSide

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Youth sports are back, but local leagues all over the US are struggling to find funding support because of the pandemic’s impact on local businesses. In response, LeagueSide, Inc., the nation’s leading youth sports software and marketing platform announced a partnership with AllOver Media, the nation’s largest alternative Out-Of-Home advertising company, to help offset the rising costs of youth sports.

“Kids who play sports perform better in school, live healthier lives, and grow up to be more successful adults. I’m very happy that we were able create a partnership that will marry grassroot marketing and social impact to get kids off the bench and into the game. With our nation-wide network of over 11,000 youth sports organizations and AllOver Media’s gold-standard national ad sales organization, we’re committed to connecting regional and national advertisers with local youth sports in order to infuse money into the local leagues and communities all over the US,” said Evan Brandoff, CEO of LeagueSide.

Youth sports

Youth sports to benefit from ad industry partnership

“We’ve got to get kids back out on sports fields to not only make new friends and exercise, but to bring our local communities back together. We’re passionate about working with our portfolio of advertisers to get their messages into the hearts of communities, while at the same time getting the local sports leagues the fund’s they desperately need to activate youth leagues. This project is more than just placing ads on sports fields, it’s about the physical and emotional health of kids and families all over the country.  We couldn’t be more committed to doing our part,” said Jeff Griffing, CEO of AllOver Media.

LeagueSide is the nation’s leading youth sports marketing company, providing access for regional and national brands to reach the 35+ million families involved in youth sports. Since 2015, LeagueSide has aggregated the largest league sponsorship network across all 50 states, and has helped iconic brands including McDonald’s, Uber and Verizon to reach their target audiences at scale.

For more information, please visit (www.leagueside.com) or call 215-310-0013.

AllOver Media, founded in 2002, headquartered in Minneapolis, is the leading multi-platform Out-Of-Home advertising company in the U.S.  AllOver Media provides a diverse portfolio of corporate and government marketers the ability to post their brand messages on exclusive and clever media formats including; gas pump advertising, mobile billboards, convenience store advertising, restaurant/bar ads, ski resorts advertising, digital truck advertising, “Wallscape” advertising, and EV charging stations.  AOM provides Out-Of-Home advertising placements in the top 200 markets in the US.

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