EOS Linx has partnered with Encompass Media Group to execute its Digital Out of Home offering

EOS Linx

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EOS Linx, has entered into an agreement with Encompass Media Group (EMG), to support the digital out-of-home (DOOH) component of its EV charging stations. As a leader in the OOH advertising industry, EMG successfully executes more than 400 programs each year and specializes in the convenience store space. As EOS Linx has been actively growing its network of convenience store locations—including a recently announced agreement with the Atlanta Retailer’s Association—the partnership with EMG is a natural fit that is ripe with opportunity.

“EOS Linx aligns with our commitment to provide unique opportunities for advertisers to make impactful impressions,” said EMG CEO, Adam Pierce. “We’re confident this partnership will be welcomed by our existing and prospective clients, and we look forward to contributing to its inevitable success.”

The EV charging stations, created and designed by EOS Linx, feature a 75-inch digital advertising platform. Each kiosk includes robust data analytics tools and fully integrates cutting edge, artificial intelligence-based security and surveillance features. Strategically placed at convenience store locations, brands can leverage place-based media campaigns to reach the on-the-go consumer.

“We are thrilled to work with the experienced sales team at Encompass Media Group,” said Blake Snider, EOS Linx President.” Together, with its status as the market leader in out-of-home advertising, we can help brands maximize exposure, while reaching consumers when and where they make purchasing decisions. We look forward to growing this relationship with EMG as EOS Linx expands its footprint throughout the country.”

About Encompass Media Group
EMG Media Group, is an Out-of-Home Media company founded in 2001, with more than 25 exclusive media properties that break through the clutter of advertising. EMG provides the opportunity to connect with consumers in every DMA in the United States. EMG has been a recipient of numerous awards and has been included as an INC 500 company, a Winner of an IT LIST Award for its event marketing division, and a winner of the US Chamber of Commerce Blue Ribbon Award. EMG has three key areas of focus: Out-of-Home Advertising, Experiential Marketing, and Merchandising.

About EOS Linx
EOS Linx provides smart city solutions, supported by renewable energy. The EOS Linx system is the first, fully integrated network of smart technology that uses proprietary data gathering and advanced analytics through artificial intelligence and machine learning. The solar-based EOS platform contains a variety of offerings, including digital out-of-home marketing, EV charging, and security, while using best in class connectivity including IOT, cellular and wireless.


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