ABV Gallery, Nifty Gateway, OUTFRONT Media Bring To Life One of the First Physical NFT Exhibitions

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ABV Gallery (ABV) and Nifty Gateway are collaborating to bring to life one of the first physical NFT exhibitions in Atlanta, GA.This group exhibition, “Chain Reaction,” will feature leading crypto artists from around the globe on 20 digital displays within the exhibition area and across various digital OUTFRONT Media (NYSE:OUT) OOH assets.

The popularity of NFTs and crypto-art continues to rise, opening new possibilities for visual artists, musicians, and animators alike. Utilizing this technology gives creators the ability to expand their networks, certify their work, create and share pieces instantaneously compared to traditional formats. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and is the digital certificate, authenticating a specific piece of digital artwork, stored and minted on a publicly verifiable blockchain.

“After my first release in the NFT space, I realized how this new medium and wave of technology could unlock new potentials in artwork utility, movement, collaboration, and provenance for works. Diving deep into the space over the last year has expanded my creative thought process like I never imagined. The community of creatives that surround the NFT space inspire me immensely. I am on a mission to spread the good word, give back, and educate artists in this new pursuit. Creating a gallery exhibit in the physical space is how I believe NFTs should be experienced and hope it opens the door for others to enjoy and better understand this new art form,” said Greg Mike, Founder and Creative Director at ABV.

The release will include a diverse lineup of original artworks and editions by artists, varying both the asset value and package for collectors and investors specifically. Artists featured will include works from Greg Mike, Fvckrender, Blake Kathryn, GMUNK, Nychos and more all displaying a variety of open and closed editions for sale through Nifty Gateway and will be shared out when the show opens on Saturday, March 20, 2021 at 10:00 AM ET.

Not only will ABV Gallery be showcasing crypto art in a traditional gallery setting, OUTFRONT Media, one of the largest out of home media companies, will be partnering with the gallery to promote the pieces on a vast array of digital displays and transit shelters nationally, including in Atlanta and Boston. What sets this release apart from the others is not only the exclusivity, but the ability to purchase NFTs directly from the advertisement through a QR code that’s displayed on street-level assets.

“Taking what typically lives in the digital universe and bringing the experience IRL on digital OOH assets, provides numerous experiential opportunities for artists and beyond,” said Max Siegelman, Social Media Director at OUTFRONT Media.

The exhibit will open on Saturday, March 20th through Sunday March 28th. Appointments can be reserved in advance for 20-minute time slots for groups of up to 8 people. All guests in attendance must wear a mask for the duration of their appointment. ABV Gallery is located at 659 Auburn Ave, #504, Atlanta, GA 30312. Please visit abvatl.com/exhibitions to book an appointment.

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