Why It’s Great: Dunkin’ Fries Billboard

Why It's Great - Dunkin Donuts Billboard

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When it comes to great billboard ad design, Dunkin’ Donuts often has it in the bag. With the bright colors of their branding that already lead to attention-grabbing ads, they’ve been known to create some exceptional billboards.

Their “Do you want fries with that?” billboard is an exemplary piece of advertising that perfectly combines visual appeal, iconic phrasing, and simplicity to captivate its audience.

These vivid hues not only make the billboard visually striking but also evoke a sense of energy and excitement. Bright colors are known to grab attention quickly, making it nearly impossible for drivers and pedestrians to ignore the message as they pass by.

The phrase “Do you want fries with that?” is universally recognized, often associated with fast food culture. By cleverly repurposing this iconic question, Dunkin’ Donuts adds a playful twist that immediately piques curiosity. Using the photo of their fries instead of the word fries allows the viewer to assemble the full concept in their own minds, making it more memorable.

The ad pictured was posted by Clear Channel and it appears the agency was Gatesman.

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