Serial Moomoo Ads Featuring “Result-Oriented Investing” Turn Live in Tokyo

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TOKYOMay 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Online trading platform moomoo lighted up Tokyo city with its iconic orange color and serial ads themed with “result-oriented investing” on May 6th, in collaboration with esteemed actor Mr. Yutaka Matsushige.


Mr. Matsushige is renowned for his exquisite performances in popular TV series, including “Kodoku no Gourmet” . His passion and commitment to excellence align perfectly with moomoo’s brand values, and he has joined Moomoo Securities Japan (“Moomoo Japan”) as the first brand ambassador. Together with Mr. Matsushige, Moomoo Japan crafted a series of ads and launched an integrated campaign to promote “result-oriented investing”, aiming at showcasing its pro-level tools, exceptional services and advanced data that could empower Japanese investors with better trading experience and help achieve their investment goals.

Joined Hands with Mr. Matsushige to Promote “Result-Oriented Investing”

With the support of Mr. Matsushige, moomoo reiterated its mission to empowering investment with technological innovation in this campaign. Moomoo always positions itself as a loyal and powerful friend to investors, and it would like to be part of investor’s investment journey, providing them with easier access to pro-level investment tools and knowledge.

Mr. Matsushige is passionate about investing, and he keeps learning relevant knowledge. He said, “the world is entering an era where everyone values wealth management and uses investment tools to fight inflation. Everyone wants to improve their financial literacy and investment skills. Moomoo can be our best ally, because it provides series of professional-grade tools and comprehensive information to improve our investment skills and achieve investment goals.”

One-stop financial service platform moomoo has recently achieved one million downloads in Japan with its ultimate and reliable online trading experience. According to data.ai, moomoo ranked among Top 3 online securities trading app in terms of downloads in Japan. On moomoo, Japanese investors have free access to a range of professional investment tools, including features such as Capital Tracking, Institutional Tracker, and AI-enabled Trend Projection, among others. These tools can help investors better identify potential risks, seize investing opportunities, and make more informed investment decisions. Moreover, the multilingual translation feature effectively lowers the barrier for Japanese investors to gain access to overseas information, enabling them to stay abreast of the dynamics of global capital markets.

Moomoo continuously sharpens its product edge, reinforcing its commitment to “result-oriented investing”. With the integration of a wide range of tools and resources, self-directed investing has become more accessible for investors.

In addition to providing tech-enabled investment tools and resources, moomoo strikes to improve financial literacy of Japanese and global investors.  It has a vibrate online community that connects users from over 200 countries and regions worldwide. Users can grow their investment knowledge in moomoo community, as well as connect and exchange ideas with users worldwide who share the passion in investment, making their investment journey no longer lonely. This coincides with the beliefs conveyed by Mr. Matsushige in many of his food-related TV series, “enjoying food is not lonely”.

Lighted up Tokyo with moomoo Orange

This campaign was integrated with various forms of advertising, such as billboards in the most popular commercial areas and ads in subway stations and on taxi screens. The ads featured moomoo’s signature orange color and Mr. Matsushige’s poster highlighted the “results-oriented investing” philosophy moomoo promoted.

From left to right: Capital Tracking, individual stock performance, trend prediction. *The pictures are for illustration purposes only and do not constitute any investment advice or guarantee. image-5016340-34479834

Since its debut on May 6th, the advertisement has garnered great attentions, with numerous passersby capturing and sharing photos of the ads across various social media platforms. As the moomoo “Orange” surrounding the subway station became unique scenery in Tokyo, the “result-oriented” investment philosophy also ignited a heated discussion. In this campaign, Mr. Matsushige advocated for individuals to leverage moomoo to enhance their investment skills, a message that deeply resonated with ordinary Japanese populace as retirement planning became increasingly relevant in the society. Moomoo’s all-in-one app is poised to significantly contribute to advancing financial literacy in Japan.

“We feel honored to welcome Mr. Matsushige as our first brand ambassador.” Said Francisco Izawa, President of Moomoo Japan. “We hold in high regard Mr. Matsushige’s commitment to excellence in his acting career. We sincerely desire to collaborate with him to deliver a innovative and trustworthy investment platform to Japanese investors. We look to accompany them throughout their investment journey, not only at the outset.”

ClarificationThe advertising placement time has ended.

About moomoo

Moomoo is a leading global investment and trading platform dedicated to empowering investors with user-friendly tools, data, and insights. Our platform is designed to provide essential information and technology, enabling users to make well-informed investment decisions. With advanced charting tools, pro-level analytical features, Moomoo evolves alongside our users, fostering a dynamic community where investors can share, learn, and grow together.

Founded in the US, Moomoo operates globally, serving investors in countries such as the US, SingaporeAustraliaJapanCanada and Malaysia. As a subsidiary of a Nasdaq-listed company, we take pride in our role as a global strategic partner of the Nasdaq, earning numerous international accolades from renowned industry leaders such as Benzinga and Fintech Breakthrough. Moomoo has also received multiple awards in the US, Singapore, and Australia for its cutting edge, inclusive approach to investing.

For more information, please visit moomoo’s official website at www.moomoo.com or feel free to email: pr@moomoo.com.

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