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It’s been said that great design (billboard design included) doesn’t sell, it informs. What does that mean? Your billboard design doesn’t have to have an in your face “Buy Now” call to action. But instead can follow a more “viewer-friendly” approach by informing the viewer as to why they should buy the product or service displayed on the billboard. Not that all “Hard Sale” advertisements are wrong, there is definitely a time and place.

This billboard ad for Chipotle Mexican Grill, from CBS Outdoor (now Outfront) is a simple branding style ad that informs the consumer as to why they are better with 4 simple words. Our ingredients are better. As basic as you can get, but cleverly displayed in a way that intrigues the viewer.

Slightly ghosting out some of the words incites the viewer to want to read them, but if they don’t it doesn’t matter. The ad is still as effective with just the 4 main words being read and the logo.

Great Billboard Design Score

Simplicity: 10/10

Memorability/Creativity: 10/10

Readability/Contrast 9/10

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