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Carvana has revolutionized the car buying experience by offering a seamless online platform that eliminates the need for traditional dealerships. Their innovative approach, including their iconic car vending machines, has set a new standard for convenience and customer satisfaction in the automotive industry. Not only is their overall concept streamlined and simple, but their ability to communicate their service across their advertising has been excellent as well.

Most of their advertising is short and to the point with headlines like:

“Buy your next car from your couch”

“Sell us your car, we’ll bring you a check”

“Sell your car quickly”

The billboard below illustrates what great out-of-home creative is all about. Simplicity. The ad headline communicates in 7 words that you can buy a car from home while the image illustrates the car being delivered to you. The colors follow Carvana’s branding while the red sports car adds a pop of color, drawing your eye to the billboard.

There’s no website, phone number, or any contact information at all… simply their logo. As the majority of viewers will remember the catchy name and simply google them to find more information.

Carvana Billboard - Why its great
Image Source: AdQuick

Great Billboard Design Score

Simplicity: 10/10

Memorability/Creativity: 10/10

Readability/Contrast 9/10


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