Tweets become billboards in witty face mask campaign

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Face masks are quite literally the must-have accessory of 2020, synonymous with our new normal in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. But there are still a few who, for whatever reason, refuse to wear face coverings – and now Twitter has a message for them.

From an updated display photo to an amusing new bio, Twitter’s entire profile has been tweaked to emphasise the importance of masks. But by far the boldest aspect of the campaign is a series of giant billboards depicting various users’ pro-mask tweets. If you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the social media giant, here’s where to buy a face mask right now.


Twitter has added a mask to the bird in its own profile’s display picture, as well as changing its cover photo to simple mask-wearing instructions (although they don’t go as far as to explain how to stop your glasses fogging up while wearing a mask).

The profile’s location is set to ‘everywhere, wearing a mask’. And, perhaps in an amusing nod to that other symbol of the new normal – working from home – the bio now reads: ‘It’s not like we’re asking you to wear pants’. Twitter even jokily acknowledged one of its most long-requested features in a tweet announcing, “you can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask”.

Twitter itself has shared images of the billboards in various cities from New York to Chicago, and many other users have shared snaps of their own sightings across the USA. “Why do I feel like everyone is giving me resting mask face?” one tweet asks, while another declares, “I love masks… I can finally talk to myself in peace”.

Like all of the best billboard advertising examples, Twitter’s campaign is bold, loud and potentially traffic-stopping – and hopefully it will persuade more than a few nay-sayers that yes, masks are really, really important. And don’t forget, yours don’t have to look like everybody else’s – if you fancy getting creative, here’s how to make a face mask.



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