Summer Advertising Ideas

Summer Advertising Ideas

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Summer is here! That means consumers are out of their homes more, traveling, shopping, and doing family activities. For brands, that means engagement and sales opportunity. With the summer months ahead of us, planning and implementing your out of home advertising campaign is of utmost importance. Let’s take a look at some successful outdoor advertising campaigns and some tips to help you create yours.

Summer advertising ideas:

Get Outside

If you sell a product or service that is outdoors related in any way, now is the time to capitalize on that strategy since consumers are in the summer state-of-mind. Whether your goal is raising awareness or generating product sales, OOH is guaranteed to drive results.


Summer is the most popular season for traveling and vacations. In fact, half of Americans plan to travel as much if not more this summer than pre-covid. Almost any product or service can use a travel focused strategy to sell more products/services. Target your audiences during these peak travel months.

Summer Themes & Promos

No matter what industry you’re in, you can refresh your branding, marketing, and creative with a summer theme. Consider offering a promotion or discount code for the season like “SUMMER2021” for 21% OFF. Relating your advertising to the season at hand is a great way to keep potential customers engaged.

Back to School

In July and August “Back to School” campaigns are an excellent opportunity to cater to parent and college students who spend millions getting ready for the upcoming school year. The average household spent $789 for back to school products in 2020, according to Statista.com. A 13% increase from the year before. 

Summer advertising campaigns:

Mountain Dew Ad

Advertiser: Mountain Dew

Campaign: DewNited

Strategy: Collect a Mountain Dew bottle design with each state. Branded bottles for each of the 50 states were released during the summer months of 2019. The campaign was promoted heavily in Out of Home as well as television and other media. Many lucky consumers won $100 as part of the promotion.

Mahabis Ad

Advertiser: Mahabis

Campaign: Summer Slipper (by Practice Creative)

Strategy: The perfect slippers for summer… lightweight, breathable, designed to keep you cool. This campaign was displayed to people right where they needed to see it. On-street furniture and outdoor displays that consumers were walking by. Considering venue placement is an important part of advertising strategy.

Supermarket Ad

Advertiser: Supermarket

Campaign: New Location Opening

Strategy: A lot of new things happen during the summer. New stores open up, new products are launched, and people try new things. This summer campaign for Rainbow Market’s new location brought their message to the consumer with vehicle display and billboard advertising. Displaying an image of fresh produce, which is better during the summer months, grabs the viewers attention.

Pandora Ad

Advertiser: Pandora

Campaign: Summer Vibes Playlist

Strategy: Summer means music for a lot of us. While we’re out and about, with our headphones or airpods in, noticing a new playlist from Pandora inside a taxi or uber is putting the product in front of the consumer at exactly the right time. This is a great example of targeting and interactivity in DOOH.

Pools & More Ad

Advertiser: Pools & More

Campaign: Summer is Coming (by Ace Advertising)

Strategy: A picture is worth a thousand words. And in this case, those words make you want to buy a pool. This ad is very simple and direct. The verbiage and imagery make the ad memorable, and I can imagine kids seeing it and begging their parents for a pool.

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