Most Unique Billboard Advertisers

Most Unique Billboard Advertisers

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America is the land of opportunity. A place where you can be anything you want to be, with an idea and enough effort. If you want to be an astronaut, then do it. If you want to be a veterinary acupuncturist, well sure, why not. How about a golf ball diver, go for it. These unique businesses, just like any other, need to advertise. We’ve collected a few fun/unique/cool businesses that have advertised on billboards. Shown with permission from the billboard companies/designers.

Dog Whisperette Billboard Ad

Shown below, a billboard ad for a dog whisperette. Someone who is in tune with a dog’s energy levels and uses their abilities to train them.

Unique Dog Whisperette Billboard

Chores Services Billboard Ad

Shown below, a billboard ad for a chores service company offering mowing, cleaning, and more.


Chores Services Billboard

Pet Hair Coloring Services Billboard Ad

Shown below, a billboard ad for pet hair dying services. Wild hair isn’t just for humans anymore!

Pet Hair Color Billboard

Moonshine Daze Billboard Ad

A local small-town festival featuring outhouse races, country food, and more. If you’re from the south like us, this isn’t too out of the ordinary.

Moonshine Billboard

Pet Insurance Billboard Ad

Seen below, an ad for pet insurance from FIGO, sold by The Swallows Agencies.


Pet Insurance Billboard

Boat Recovery and Towing Billboard Ad

As seen below, this billboard ad promotes a company offering towing and recovery services of the aquatic nature.


Boat Towing Billboard

House Call Veterinarian Billboard Ad

If your pet doesn’t like to travel, let the doctor come to you. A unique service for animal lovers.

House Call Vet Billboard

Rubber Chicken Salesman Billboard

Mikey Paul is quite the character at Wilburn’s. The customers love him and his antics… including rubber chickens.

Rubber Chicken Billboard

Truck Driver for Animals Billboard

Do you love animals and OTR trucking? Then this job is for you.

Pet Driver Billboard

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