Spec Art Strategies for Billboard Sales

Spec Art Strategy for Billboard Sales

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Using spec art for billboard sales is a great way to increase your chances of making a sale. Especially when dealing with cold leads, as showing the potential advertiser what they are buying creates a sense of realness, as opposed to just explaining what you are selling them. This being said, there are some tips as to what spec ads you can create for them to help win them over.

The spec ads you provide to your potential advertiser will show that you’ve done your research. You know their branding, who they are advertising to, and what they are currently promoting.

The Spec Art Strategies for Billboard Sales (what types of ads to create):

Note: Some of these ideas work better for digital billboard advertisers.

Meet the Team!

Find the owners, employees, etc. on the advertiser’s website or social media. Getting their photos on a billboard can be a big deal for them.

Current Promotions

What are they currently pushing on social media? A new product or service? Seasonal items? Create an ad based on their latest product or service promotion. This will show the advertiser you have done your homework.


There aren’t a lot of businesses that aren’t hiring right now. If there’s a specific position they are trying to fill, create a spec ad for that. The advertiser’s social media, website, and LinkedIn profile are good places to check. They might even have a sign on their storefront.

Seasonal Messages

If you’re coming up on a holiday, create a spec ad focusing on this. For example, if Independence Day is around the corner, create an ad that says Happy 4th of July from “Business Name”.

Branding Ad

As billboards are a great tool for branding and name recognition, create a simple “logo” ad with the advertiser’s slogan, logo, and maybe a piece of contact information like their website.

Follow Us on Social Media

Every business wants more followers on social media. Create a spec ad featuring the advertiser’s most popular social media channel (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.). A simple “Follow Us On_____” with their logo and channel name.


Check the advertiser’s website, Google business profile, and Facebook for testimonials. Create an ad for one or two of their shortest testimonials (fewest words).

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