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CAMBRIDGE, Mass.Nov. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Soofa, the pioneer of innovative solar-powered street-level digital media displays used for outdoor advertising and smart city communication, has announced Toby Sturek as its new Chief Executive Officer to lead the expansion of its out-of-home (OOH) offering in cities across the United States.

Sturek brings over 20-years of leadership in the OOH media industry and a proven track record of growing companies, sales teams, and revenues at industry-leading organizations. He most recently served as the President of Branded Cities, a premier out-of-home advertising company with a large premier digital and static footprint across North America. Previously, Sturek held executive roles during his 16-year tenure at Clear Channel Outdoor, solidifying his deep industry knowledge and showcasing his exceptional leadership abilities.

“I’m thrilled to lead the growing team at Soofa as we pursue our mission to transform every city into a smart, social, and sustainable environment,” said Sturek. “With my extensive background in the out-of-home industry combined with Soofa’s unique platform, we’ll soon help more cities engage with their constituents and help more brands in reshaping their outdoor advertising strategies on their journey towards achieving Zero Carbon goals.”

“Toby’s arrival comes at an exciting time of growth and innovation at Soofa,” said Lindsay Gardner, exiting interim Chief Executive Officer and a member of Soofa’s Board of Directors. “Our footprint of Zero Carbon digital kiosks continues to expand into new markets and we’re deepening our partnerships with leading advertisers, among them top wireless, entertainment and sports betting brands. Soofa’s talented and committed team is eager to see this company scale to new heights under Toby’s leadership, becoming a major player in the OOH space.”

“Soofa’s eight-foot tall solar-powered digital kiosks offer multiple ways for brands to reach their audience on hundreds of Soofa signs across the country,” added Jeff Binder, Soofa’s Executive Chairman. “Toby has a growing arsenal of benefits to offer cities and brands, including digital e-ink screens that ‘pop’ even in direct sunlight, beautiful full-color vinyl wraps on all sides, and the easiest OOH installation path anywhere in the world.”

“The sustainable technology that powers Soofa signs is a game changer for the industry,” added Sturek. “Advertisers not only witness a reduction in their carbon footprint but also gain a more profound comprehension, of their campaign’s performance within the conventional OOH landscape, where obtaining the necessary metrics to measure ROI have been hard to come by. Soofa signs represent a truly unique and unparalleled proposition in today’s market.”

Soofa is the ultimate outdoor advertising and smart city communication platform. More than 60 cities across 21 states embrace Soofa’s eight-foot tall solar-powered digital kiosks, providing a variety of ways for both cities and advertisers to reach their constituents and target audience while protecting our planet.

Kiel Hauck, Senior Director of Marketing


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