Smart Sprite Vending Machine Identifies ‘Heat’ Moments at Train Station

Sprite Vending Machines

Tasty Ads_1456x180_October_2020 Sprite has taken a unique approach to quenching thirst and alleviating annoyance at London’s Kings Cross Station by installing a vending machine with a twist. Instead of simply offering a cold drink, this fridge utilizes live data to identify and track the things that Gen-Z finds most annoying, dispensing a drink when it detects such situations.

Kiran Ranmal, the European creative marketing manager at The Coca-Cola Company, explains, “Anything from train delays and cancellations, screaming kids, or people playing music without headphones can trigger the machine to recognize that people need some help to stay cool.”

The vending machine boasts an interactive digital screen that displays the current “heat” level. When frustration levels rise, consumers will be treated to a complimentary ice-cold Sprite to help them stay cool.

The strategic placement of the experiential out-of-home (OOH) activation at King’s Cross Station is intentional, as research by the brand reveals that the average person in the UK gets annoyed around 12 times a day, while Gen-Z experiences frustration the most at an average of 18 times a day. The machine’s creation was meant to respond humorously to a wide range of heated situations, playing on the concept of “smart” tech.

Ranmal elaborates, “The activation aligns with Sprite’s global brand platform, ‘Heat Happens, Stay Cool,’ and serves as our latest tactical approach to leverage Sprite’s irresistible taste, helping everyone stay cool during their daily commute.”

Acknowledging that heated moments are an inevitable part of daily life, Sprite’s new vending machine offers a simple solution to refresh and stay cool with a convenient ice-cold Sprite on the go.

The project was a collaboration with WPP OpenX and is currently being piloted in the UK. The campaign encompasses PR, influencer content, and social media efforts to build brand affinity among Gen-Z.

Johnny Watters, executive creative director at WPP OpenX, emphasizes the essence of the brand platform, stating, “Heat Happens. Stay Cool. It’s a platform that resonates in the here and now. While a Sprite won’t put an end to train delays or sweaty armpits, stop phone zombies, or silence screaming kids, it can prevent you from losing your cool when confronted with life’s irritations.”

The vending machine combines live data, smart technology, and creative ingenuity, sprinkled with a dash of anarchic Gen-Z humor, making it easier than ever to enjoy a crisp, cooling Sprite whenever the heat of life starts to rise.

Sprite Vending Machines2

Image Source: Sprite

Sprite Vending Machines3

Image Source: Sprite

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