Sell Your OOH Inventory While You’re Sleeping


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Out-of-home advertising is becoming the go-to marketing resource for all types and sizes of brands, now that customers are back out in the real world. Media owners are reaping the benefits of this resurgence, but heightened marketer interest means heightened competition for their ad dollars.

Wouldn’t you just love to generate leads even while you’re sleeping? It turns out you can do that – and OOH itself is there to help.

Your Website Is On the Job 24/7

An up-to-date website with quality, frequently refreshed content definitely works for you around the clock, providing a front door to your media company and a first impression for those who enter. Any prospect can visit, at any time. If they like what they see, your compelling calls to action will inspire them to take a next step. And now you have a lead to nurture.

Content is still king. But you need more than a great website if you expect to outshine the competition and keep your media inventory fully booked.

“The most important content conveys a mental picture of experiencing your product,” says John James, founder and president of OOH marketing company SignBird. “They call or click through because they want to know how they can have the same experience you’re showing them.”

In other words, it’s all about the imagery.

OOH Is a Highly Visual Product

Before the pandemic, sellers would conduct market rides, literally driving prospects around to see their billboards in situ. Now, people buy and review OOH — whether in a proposal, photo or video – in a digital space. Virtual tours are far faster and more efficient for buyer and seller. And they can be far more effective.

But only if you use top-quality imagery.

Google Street View shots are better than nothing, but do media buyers really want to see that? Is that really how you want to depict your company and inventory? No and no.

It’s an industry-wide problem, says James. “Proposals or other content that show old pictures taken on a gloomy day with a Nokia brick phone don’t cut it.” Instead, every OOH company in the world, no matter how large or small, can benefit by using better quality imagery that gives a real-life, holistic view of the billboard and its marketing capabilities for customers.

Video adds even greater depth and value to your website (and all your marketing) because it shows traffic – the viewers you want to reach — moving toward and past the billboard.

Sell While You’re Sleeping

Onescreen.ai‘s mission is to make it easier to buy and sell OOH ads. Toward that end, the platform offers embeddable maps for media sellers to show their inventory locations. Prospects can click on a point and see a real image of that billboard.

Even better, sellers can add a video or montage of visuals that show each billboard location in far greater detail – from the air, from the road, from afar and up close. Buyers can experience that location in 360o, just as their target audience will experience it.

Comprehensive overview visuals sell your inventory better. And when they’re embedded on your website and in your media directory listing, your inventory can sell itself while you sleep.

But there’s more.

OneScreen.ai Chief Revenue Officer, Jeanne Hopkins: “No one takes a photo of their Google AdWords or Facebook campaign. But the imagery and everything associated with the real world and outdoor advertising, is so visual, photos are a great way to share.”

That means your sales imagery can generate leads via social, too.

Take photos of every billboard. Create an archive – a portfolio of your work integrated with your website. And post those photos on your social media. Tag the client, the city and the brand for maximum exposure.

·         Sharing tells the world that you’re proud of your work.

·         It promotes and thanks your customers and partners by highlighting cool things they’re doing within the industry.

·         It also educates audiences, generating new interest in using OOH by showing what can be done and is being done by other brands.

Now your social media accounts become sales channels. Even while you’re sleeping, potential leads can access your posts or website-based library of work examples.

“Our ultimate goal is to get more of our best customers to come back more often and spend more,” notes Hopkins. “We want lead generation that finds more customers like these.”

Your website is the foundation. But media owners who incorporate quality static and dynamic imagery in every aspect of their marketing can rest easier, knowing they are generating leads and reinforcing customer loyalty around the clock.

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