OAAA Appoints Four Advertising Industry Innovators to its Board of Directors


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The Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) announced today it has appointed four advertising industry innovators to its Board of Directors. Each new member of OAAA’s Board of Directors is a pioneer in the out of home (OOH) industry, all contributing to the sector’s continued digital and creative evolution. The new members of the board are:

  • Scott LaFoy, Chief Executive Officer of Link Media Holdings;
  • Regis Maher II, Co-Founder and President of do it outdoors;
  • Sean McCaffrey, President & CEO of GSTV; and
  • Kelly Peppers, Chief Executive Office of Colossal Media.

“All of our new Board members bring a profound passion for the out of home industry and a range of viewpoints and expertise that will undoubtedly help us accelerate the evolution of our great medium,” said OAAA President & CEO Anna Bager. “While these are still challenging times for our members and the advertising industry, out of home is enjoying a true digital and creative renaissance that I am confident will continue as our economy reopens. OAAA has a long history acting as the industry’s galvanizing force, whether it’s to advance the medium through the integration of new technologies like digital OOH or through new measurement capabilities. I look forward to the contributions of Kelly, Scott, Regis and Sean to help us continue to drive the industry forward in new ways.”

Sean Reilly, OAAA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lamar Advertising Company added, “I am delighted to welcome four highly talented and accomplished individuals to the OAAA Board of Directors. Kelly, Regis, Scott, and Sean are proven leaders within our industry, and each will bring valuable perspectives to the Board that will contribute to our industry’s continued growth and success.”

OAAA’s Board of Directors is comprised of OOH media company executives representing all facets of the OOH industry including billboard, street furniture, transit, and place-based companies. The Board is the governing body of OAAA which represents 800+ media companies, advertisers, agencies, ad-tech providers, and suppliers.

“I’m honored to join the OAAA Board and eager to bring a fresh perspective to the OOH conversation,” said Kelly Peppers. “I hope to deliver insights on creativity, strategy and culture that will support all OAAA members, regardless of company size or offering.”

“Having been involved with OAAA for 30 years, I look forward to joining the Board and the opportunity to serve the OOH industry in a broader role,” said Scott LaFoy. “I have always valued my involvement and membership with OAAA because it represents a unified voice for the industry and provides valuable resources for its members.”

“I am excited to bring a new and dynamic point-of-view to the OAAA Board of Directors,” said Regis Maher II. “I look forward to representing all segments of our industry and to assembling a strategy with the Board to move OOH up the media ladder in a quickly changing advertising world. With the changing times of COVID-19 top-of-mind, I am certain my over 20 years of OOH experience will help elevate our industry to the next level.”

“As the OOH sector embraces an impressive creative renaissance, and combined with DOOH capabilities now moving beyond signs becoming screens to dynamic consumer engagement platforms defined by smart targeting and attribution, the innovation at work and opportunity to create new value is exciting,” said Sean McCaffrey. “I look forward to joining the OAAA Board of Directors to contribute towards building value for our partners and consumers.”

For the past several weeks, OAAA has made it a priority to help members weather the COVID-19 crisis. By quickly shifting focus and responding to the crisis, OAAA members have been armed with critical information, research, and guidance to help them navigate the pandemic.

OAAA is working to help members stabilize their businesses so that they are prepared to take full advantage of the market as the economy improves and the crisis abates. Before the COVID-19 crisis, the OOH industry was coming off a record year of revenue growth in 2019 (+7%), and a very strong first two-months of 2020.


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