King Outdoor and Daktronics Make Strides in Billboard Industry

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King Outdoor, a family-owned business in Scranton, Pennsylvania, recently partnered with Daktronics (NASDAQ-DAKT) of Brookings, South Dakota, to install a 10-millimeter line spacing digital billboard, as well as two other 16-millimeter billboards, increasing their ad holdings by 32%.

“We wanted to make sure we had the best, newest technology for our best location,” Bradley Frank of King Outdoor said. “There’s one artery road that leads into a shopping hub – that location has been a great performer for us.”

King Outdoor placed their new digital billboard at a stoplight at the beginning of a stretch of restaurants and retail stores. The traffic tends to back up, allowing more ads to fit in the rotation, so people are likely to see more ads as they wait.

“At our normal locations, we do six (ads),” Jerry Frank, CEO and President of King Outdoor, said. “But, because of the popularity and traffic backup, we do eight at that one.”

Each ad is shown twice in the duration of the red light, according to Bradley. This makes the billboard a valuable advertising asset.

Daktronics 20-millimeter billboard previously stood in this lucrative location. It was installed 12 years ago, outlasting the industry-standard eight-year lifetime. That billboard still functions with little-to-no service issues, so they moved it to a new location when they decided to upgrade.

“The only thing we have to worry about is color calibration because it is so outdated,” Bradley said about the old billboard.

Daktronics billboards begin their life at 8,500 nits, meaning after 10 years, they will still be brighter than other companies’ ship-level. They automatically adjust brightness to maximize image quality while conserving energy, and snap calibration makes replacing LED modules a breeze.

Knowing these benefits and caring for their customers, King Outdoor focuses on quality over quantity, ensuring their locations and billboards are the best in the industry.

“What makes us different from other billboard companies is our locations,” Bradley said. “Some companies are building just to build. We make sure every sign is in a premier location. If it’s not good enough, we don’t build there.”

Source: Digital Signage Connection

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