Mercedes-AMG SL 3D Billboard Interacts With Your Clothing And Gestures

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Marketing campaigns are mostly run through social media these days, but the good old billboards also evolve using the latest technology. Mercedes-AMG used a three-dimensional billboard with a camera to advertise the new SL roadster by interacting with bystanders in various ways.

The “Step into the Spotlight” marketing campaign is centered around an AMG-branded LED structure, showing a life-sized digital model of the Mercedes-AMG SL in different environments. What makes it special is the ability to interact with people in real-time, thanks to the depth detection camera positioned in front of the billboard.

The 3D model of the SL copied the pink shade of the user’s T-shirt and follows his body movements.
The SL acts like a chameleon by adopting the color of the person’s clothing. Furthermore, the 3D model changes position and direction according to the hand gestures of the individual who interacts with the machine, reacting to movements like raising their hands or mimicking an airplane.The backgrounds for the installation were created specifically for the campaign by contemporary artist Kim Krista, featuring ever-changing color gradients. This is a nod to the extensive color palette of the vehicle through the Manufactur individualization program which was recently made available for the SL. By scanning the QR code from the billboard, interested parties can gain more information about the roadster, including a link to the official configurator.

The 3D billboard will remain in the Überseequartier neighborhood of Hamburg until July 20, before the installation moves to other cities in Germany.

by Thanos Pappas

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